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Where To Buy Almond Flour In Canada

    When it comes to gluten-free, keto-friendly alternatives to wheat flour, you can’t beat almond flour. To make the perfect, light, and fluffy almond flour, whole almonds are first blanched to remove their skins before being ground finely and sieved to remove any lumps. The resulting product is a deliciously sweet and nutty flour that is packed with all of the amazing goodness of almonds. 

What’s The Difference Between Almond Flour and Almond Meal? 

If you’re looking at a bag of what you think is almond flour and it seems a little too coarse, then you’re probably holding a pack of almond meal. Unlike almond flour, almond meal doesn’t undergo the blanching process, and so whole almonds are ground with their skins intact. This produces a much coarser meal, which can change the texture of a recipe. 

Where To Buy Almond Flour In Canada

Almond flour can vary significantly in price, quality, and flavor, depending on where you buy it from. Here are three of the best places to find almond flour in Canada. 

  • Whole Foods Market

Despite its growing popularity, almond flour can still be quite hard to find in some grocery stores, but one place that always keeps it in stock is Whole Foods Market. Whole Foods Market is well known for selling a variety of gluten-free flour alternatives, and so you’ll have no trouble finding almond flour and other wheat alternatives on their shelves. If you’re looking for organic almond flour, then Whole Foods is your best bet, but you should expect to pay a premium price. 

  • Ayoub’s Dried Fruit and Nuts

Here at Ayoub’s, not only do we sell fresh, hand-roasted whole almonds, but we also sell slivered almonds, sliced almonds, and almond flour both in our stores and online. Like all of our almond products, our almond flour is made using only the very highest quality whole almonds, ensuring that it has a rich and delicate almond flavor. Unlike most grocery stores that only stock almond flour in small quantities, we sell our almond flour in 1lb and 3lb packs, so whether you need it for a one-off recipe or cook with almond flour regularly - we’ve got you covered. 

  • Amazon 

Lastly, it would be impossible to complete this list without mentioning the global giant that is Amazon. Amazon now seems to sell virtually everything, including, you guessed it -  almond flour. When buying almond flour on Amazon, you’ll find everything from big-name brands down to more niche suppliers; just be sure to check their product reviews before making an order. If you’re shopping for almond flour on Amazon, one last tip is always to check the package size; otherwise, you could end up with a teeny tiny expensive pack or a year’s worth of poor quality almond flour. 

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May 14, 2021 by Gillian Brady