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Where are the best cranberries in the world grown? BC, of course. It’s our temperate, wet climate that’s perfect for these little berry extroverts. In...
Dried Cherries
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Our dried cherries are perfectly-balanced sweet and tart juicy treats! These chewy little treasures pack a serious punch of bold fruit flavour. Creativity pays off for this healthy...
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Our barberries have a wonderful all-natural fruity burst of tart, tangy and lemony flavour. These little red rubies pack a serious punch of flavour and are...
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Much has been said about the health benefits of blueberries lately, and it’s no wonder considering they are a super food to the power of...
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Born from beautiful silkworm trees and used for medicinal purposes in China for centuries, mulberries are refreshingly succulent and have both a sweet and tart...
Goji berries
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Ayoub's dried goji berries are sourced from Asia and are a known antioxidant superfood! These small, red, flavourful berries have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for...
Cherries - Natural
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Succulent sweet black cherries are a decadent finishing touch to your salads, baking and desserts, or to top off healthy trail mixes and smoothie bowls!...