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Dad's Snack Essential Pack

$157.00 $125.00

Super-Dads deserve more than just a new necktie. Here at Ayoub’s, Fathers Day is a year-long tradition where we equip dads with the proper tools they need to hammer down their hunger and boldly brighten up their day.

No more picking through the pantry late at night looking for odds snacks to devour. With our exclusive “Nuts & Bolts Snackbox” we provide the perfect blend of premium roasted nuts and crunchy chip classics. But don’t worry, we’ve managed to sneak in some dried fruits and veggies too – so not only is fun and tasty, but deliciously healthy! 


Now lets make room for another tool box, and have Dad continue being the best at the one thing he’s perfected - being Dad.


This bundle includes the following:

1 Lb Premium Lime and Pepper Pistachios

1 Lb Premium Lightly Salted Pistachios

1 Lb Baked Pepper Chips

1 Lb Lightly Salted Cashews

1 Lb Dark Chocolate Covered Salted Cashews

1 Lb Lime and Saffron Almonds

1 Lb Baked Oyster Mushroom Chips

1 Lb Lime and Pepper Kernel Mix

1 Lb Baked Apple Chips

1 Lb Spicy Cashews