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Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee Gift Set

  • Mehmet Efendi is one of the most popular Turkish coffee in the world due to it's high standards of quality
  • Ideally prepared in a traditional method with a Turkish coffee pot (stainless-steel hand pot included!)
  • 250g of Authentic Turkish Coffee


Turkish Coffee is the name given to a type of coffee whose preparation and brewing techniques were invented by the Turks. It has a unique taste, froth, aroma, brewing technique and presentation… in other words it has its own identity and tradition.

The first coffee was made in the Arabian Peninsula by boiling coffee cherries. The new method invented by the Turks revealed coffee’s true flavour and peerless aroma. The Turks introduced coffee to Europe where for many years it was prepared and consumed as Turkish Coffee.

Turkish Coffee is made from high quality arabica coffee beans from Central and South America that are blended and carefully roasted, then very finely ground. The coffee is mixed with water and the desired amount of sugar and cooked in a “cezve”, or Turkish coffeepot. The coffee is served in small cups. The coffee must be left to stand for a short time after serving to allow the grounds to settle at the bottom of the cup.

In contrast to other brewing methods, it is especially important that the coffee comes to a boil while brewing. The finely ground coffee is brought to a slow boil over low heat.

Thanks to its strong body, delicious flavour and long-lasting aroma, a cup of steaming hot Turkish coffee is a guaranteed favourite with all coffee lovers.


Product of Turkey