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Saffron is one of the most treasured spices in the world, and here at Ayoub's - We're pretty certain we have some of the best in the world! 

Harvested from the pistons of crocus flowers, saffron has a floral, bright flavour that infuses many of our most signature recipes. It's a wonderful addition to savoury or sweet cooking and gives dishes a beautiful golden colour.


  • Pungent flavour; floral aroma; smooth and distinctive colour
  • Deep red threads with orange tips are the best
  • Use just a little; too much and it tastes too bitter
  • Store in a cool, dark place (away from other spices)


    1. STEEP a pinch in hot water for 20 minutes min.
    2. CRUSH into a powder using a pestle and mortar
    3. TOAST threads in a heated pan
    • Heat releases the flavour and draws out the colour
    • Substitute water for milk, white wine, broth, or stock
    • Add liquid or powder to your recipe (usually at the end of cooking).

    Quick Recipe Ideas

    Milan, ITALY

    For a simple, authentic and creamy Italian risotto, combine saffron with

    chicken broth and white wine.

    Valencia, SPAIN

    Said to be the key ingredient for a traditional Spanish paella, add

    saffron to your chicken stock (with bay leaf, white wine, and paprika).

    Marseilles, FRANCE

    For a true French bouillabaisse (a traditional French fish stew), substitute

    your fish stock with saffron and boiling water (others go with orange

    juice or sherry instead).

    Calcutta, INDIA

    For a mouthwatering Indian biriyani, toast threads in a heated pan; add to

    a cup of warm milk; set aside for three hours; drizzle in streaks before

    the final 30-minute simmer.


    Saffron will add unique flavour and colour when preparing:

    • a host of rice dishes (particularly long-grain)
    • meat or seafood (e.g., crab/fishcake mixtures) dishes and sauces
    • desserts (e.g, ice cream, cakes, cookies, biscotti, rice pudding)
    • coffee with cardamom for an authentic Middle Eastern hot drink
    • sauces (e.g., mayonnaise) or as an accompaniment to a main course
    • just about any curry
    • soups, broths, and stews
    • bread (yes, even bread; e.g., British braided bread and Swedish buns).