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Our Story

Evolving healthy snacks to stir the mind, body and soul. 

We build a culture around in-house roasted nuts,
dried fruits, and sweets from around the world!

Chef Ayoub

Chef Ayoub of Ayoub's Dried Fruits and Nuts, pouring steaming freshly roasted nuts in our store.

Since the early 1980s, Chef Ayoub has been roasting nuts to perfection, by hand with artisanal craftsmanship. 

There is an art to roasting a product using unique flavours, while maintaining a natural essence. Although the industry we are in has a rich history, and Chef Ayoub has always respected that, he has maintained a personal mandate to never stop innovating and to develop his own style. 

We're Nuts About Nuts!

“The best things in life come in small packages at our stores.” - Amir

It’s crunch time. Nuts are one of nature's most nourishing foods. These bite-sized dynamos are packed with heart-healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. Most people don’t know, but nuts are actually a fruit, composed of a hard shell and a seed ("nut"). Nuts are healthy, compact, convenience foods that are lightweight for travel, with a long shelf life, and minimal preparation. Ahh, but that’s where Ayoub’s shines! We import the world's best raw nuts, and our specialized chefs roast the nuts and seeds to perfection. Aromatic seasonings include traditional "Spicy" flavours, but also innovative gourmet “Curry” and “Greek” that will bring you back for more. 

Freshly roasted pistachios in the shell

Conceived by Chef Ayoub, and passed down to his son Amir, we have developed unique roasting ovens and techniques to achieve the perfect conditions for flavours that are sublime. It's an art of masterful timing—a daily concerto of the senses that happens daily in our stores: Smell, sight, touch, sound and taste. All of our roasted nuts are crafted in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. Far from corporate, assembly line production - This is great people, doing what they love, to perfection. We think this makes a difference. We hope you do, too. 

Sweet, dried Green Kiwi slices

Dried Fruits

“It’s basically fresh fruit that never spent a winter in Vancouver.” - Amir 

Enjoy our sweet, delicious, fat-free dried fruit snacks that could also be your secret ingredient for your next dinner party, or in lunch bags for extra fibre, minerals, micronutrients and antioxidants. Dried fruits keep you healthy, with the satisfaction of something sweet. Ayoub’s is your first choice for quality dried fruits selected and imported from around the world.

Pumpkin seeds in the shell, roasted with hot and spicy seasonings


Although they’re not in our name, we also offer a wide variety of the world's favourite seeds. Add them to recipes, or at the baseball diamond! A great snack for sports, lunches, specialized diets, on their own or in a mix with fruits and nuts. Seeds also provide a wide range of health benefits and are an important part of a healthy diet. clear boxes of our trail mixes, of dried fruits, nuts and seeds.

Signature Mixes

Like to mix things up a bit? We’ve got the solution. Like everything we do here at Ayoub’s we’re perfectionists, especially when it comes to mixed nuts. Try any of the following to keep things fresh and fun:





    Store Locations

    2009 – North Vancouver: 1332 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver
    2011 – West End / Downtown 986 Denman Street, Vancouver
    2012  Kitsilano 2048 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
    2013 – Coquitlam 150 - 2950 Glen Dr, Coquitlam
    2018 – Burnaby: 4162 Hastings St, Burnaby
    2023 – Main Street: 3075 Main St, Vancouver