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Imagine working for a company that is fundamentally important and enriches the lives of people around you. We're just getting started. And we need your help.


We don't want being at work to seem like a chore - whether it's at the store, warehouse, or head office. Which is why we treat our team like adults. For example, unrestricted time-off and vacation requests means that you can take the time off you want, as long as you always get the job done. We trust you on your judgement because this is essential to our vision. But we will still be measuring you on the same thing, which is, did you accomplish something great?

You should work with us if you're excited to get a great product out there. You should work with us if you've got ideas on how you can help us accomplish our vision and if you're willing to work really hard to make it happen. It all starts with you taking the first step.


Each person that comes on-board has the opportunity to make a huge individual impact and a chance to create a unique experience. Given that this is a small but growing and independent start-up, you have every opportunity to take on something - even a small project - and put your own spin on it. We want to empower each and every one of our team members to make an impact.


Being treated like an adult also means that we don't value excuses, i.e. when you're supposed to accomplish something to high standards, then you job is to accomplish it, in spite of a few hurdles and challenges. Even as a business, Ayoub's (unlike other supermarkets and larger chains) controls every element in our supply chain. This means that we, too, take full responsibility for the quality of our products.


    • Competitive compensation
    • Unrestricted time-off and vacation requests
    • Flexible schedules
    • Live and mobile scheduling software
    • Mentorship programs for aspiring managers
    • Company cars for regional managers
    • Staff discounts on all products
    • One-on-one new employee orientation
    • One-on-one new employee training
    • Full-catered training days