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Strawberries dried and candied
$13.00 CAD $16.00 CAD
  • $13.00 CAD
  • $55.00 CAD
Candied strawberries are beautiful, bite sized dried berries with a bit of extra sweetness. They look like rubies, and taste like jam! A wonderful confection...
Dried Pineapples
$55.00 CAD $60.00 CAD
  • $13.00 CAD
  • $55.00 CAD
Our dried pineapples are an all-natural, tropically sweet and invigorating treat. Fresh pineapples can often be pricey and disappointing in flavour, depending on where you...
Pomelo - Candied Rind
$15.00 CAD $18.00 CAD
  • $7.00 CAD
  • $15.00 CAD
Zest things up with some candied pomelo rind! Pomelo is a massive citrus fruit - About the size of a volleyball! Similar to our love for...
Papaya - Chunks
$20.00 CAD $25.00 CAD
  • $6.00 CAD
  • $20.00 CAD
It turns out the mystery fruit in your trail mix was diced papaya! The difference with ours is that it's unmistakably succulent and flavourful. A...
$6.00 CAD
  • $6.00 CAD
  • $22.25 CAD
Sweet and fiery! These succulent chunks of candied ginger are a wonderful herbaceous confection to soothe an upset stomach, or a sweet tooth! Wonderful with black...