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List of Frequently Asked Customer Questions


Do all your locations roast their products in house?

Yes! Everything is roasted fresh and daily in each of our locations. Because we roast in small batches, each store is consistently able to provide warm, fresh, and tasty products. 

Do we use oils in the roasting process?

Because nuts and seeds contain their own natural oils, we do not add any additional oils to the roasting process. Instead, we dry roast our products and allow the natural oils to do its work. The end result is remarkable, leaving the product with a richer, crunchier, and overall more delicious taste. 

Can people with diabetes have dried fruit?

The truth is, yes and no. Eating dried fruit without any added sugar is usually safe for diabetics as long as they do not eat too much of it. Due to dehydration, the sugar content in dried fruit is much higher than fresh fruit, so diabetics should always take care when eating this as a regular snack. Always consult your doctor before trying something new.

Are our nuts gluten free?

Yes 100%!  We just take raw nuts as they are and roast them, so no wheat/barley/rye gets caught up along the way.

Are our nuts vegan?

Yes totally! 

What additives are on your dried fruits?

Some of the fruits (not all of them) have added sulfites to preserve colour during the drying process. These are completely safe unless you are allergic/sensitive to them.

What is our return policy?

The Ayoub’s Promise: Anything that you buy from us you may return to us and get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product or if you do not believe it is up to our standards.

What are the shipping options?

Our website www.ayoubs.ca ships all over Canada from Coast-to-Coast,  including Vancouver Island! We also ship to the United States.

Which one of your locations do you ship from?

All of our online orders are shipped from our Online Fulfillment Center located in Langley BC. If you have a question, just click the contact us button on the website and do not hesitate to call us direct  

Are your prices in USD or CAD?

All of our prices are listed in CAD, however you also have the option to browse and shop in USD.

Is there cross contamination between nuts and seeds?

All of our raw and roasted nuts are kept separately from the seeds in both the stockroom and the shop floor. However our roasted nuts are prepared in the same oven as the roasted seeds. Regarding raw products, the chance of cross contamination is quite low however we cannot 100% guarantee that there will be no cross contamination between the items, as it is extremely difficult, and we want all of our customers to be safe.

I’m a business owner, can I buy wholesale?

Yes! If you are a registered business and you plan on ordering frequently you can buy wholesale from us at www.ayoubsforbusiness.ca. Please email us at contact@ayoubs.ca for more information on this.

Are online prices the same as in store?

Most of our prices are consistent online and in store, however they do vary sometimes with promotions, sales, etc. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about pricing.

How long will my nuts keep fresh for?

Transfer your nuts into an airtight container as soon as you can and place them in the fridge. Raw nuts will keep fresh in the fridge for at least 3 months and roasted nuts approximately 1 month. Alternatively, you may also freeze raw nuts for well over a year in the freezer! We highly encourage that you follow proper storing procedures in order to retain the freshest, most delicious taste possible

How can I get information about ingredients?

Please email contact@ayoubs.ca or use our contact form and we will assist you with this.

How long does shipping take? (Canada)

Depending on where your order is being sent, shipping times may vary. Orders within the Lower Mainland of BC are generally delivered within  2 business days. Order to the Eastern Provinces of Canada can range from 4-7 business days on routine orders. Please bear in mind that carriers can sometimes face delays and exact delivery days can therefor not be guaranteed. For more information check out our shipping page; https://ayoubs.ca/pages/free-shipping 

How long does shipping take? (USA)

All orders shipped to the US take on average 4-10 business days to be delivered. Your order will be passed through customs and delivered to the address you provide. To avoid delays and hold ups, please ensure that the address you provide is accurate. 

I want to receive my package quicker than the standard time. Are there faster shipping options available?

If you want to place an urgent order with a quicker delivery time, you will need to contact us at contact@ayoubs.ca Our team will keep an eye on your order and help set you up. (Additional shipping charges will apply for orders requiring faster shipping.)

Can I change my shipping address after my order is placed?

To change your shipping address, please make sure that you either email or phone our online team as soon as possible. Provide them with your order number and the new updated address you wish to add. Keep in mind however, once an order is in transit or shipped out we cannot change the address information - you will need to contact the courier and inform them of any changes.


Are your Turkish Delights vegan and gluten free?

Yes! Unlike typical sweets and candies, our Turkish delights are free of any animal by-products. This means no gelatin, no butter, no eggs, no milk. Additionally our Turkish Delights are flour free and contain no gluten whatsoever.

I just received my raw cashews, but they have a distinct smell. Have they gone bad?

Unlike other raw nuts, raw cashews have a unique smell that may be overpowering and strong - but no need to worry! This is completely natural and safe.