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Soom Dark Chocolate Tahini with Sea Salt


ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Creamy sesame tahini made from roasted sesame seeds blended with premium cocoa powder and a touch of sugar for just the right amount of sweetness. The subtle crunch from sea salt offers the perfect blend of salty and sweet we all crave, while beautifully deepening the chocolate flavour. 

HOW TO USE: Spread on your choice of toast, blend in with your favorite smoothie recipe, top cakes and cupcakes, or just go back to basics and eat it straight  out of the jar with the biggest spoon you can find (definitely our favorite way to enjoy!).

HOW TO STORE: If you don’t eat it all right away, Soom Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Tahini keeps best in the pantry for easy spreading or in the fridge if you prefer a more frosting-like consistency.

ALLERGENS: Sesame, May contain soy residue*

*Due to processing on a shared line. Equipment is thoroughly cleaned between processing runs.