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Soom Organic Tahini


ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Just like Soom Premium Tahini, Soom Organic Tahini is silky-smooth and versatile, great for use in both savory and sweet food, from dressings and sauces to smoothies and cakes. Our organic tahini is made using 100% roasted and pressed organic premium sesame seeds.

HOW TO USE: Soom Tahini is versatile and has many uses, including its use in hummus! It’s a perfect base for dressings, sauces, dips, and spreads and makes for a great boost in your favorite soups and smoothies, not to mention helping make them extra creamy. If you love your baked goods moist and rich (and who doesn’t) try adding Soom Tahini!

HOW TO STORE: Once opened, Soom Tahini can be stored in a cool, dry pantry for a silky smooth consistency or in the fridge for a more spreadable texture. Mix your tahini before using for the best results!