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Cashews - Raw



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Raw cashews are excellent for vegan creamy sauces, protein bar recipes, and other raw healthy recipes. Soak them overnight and blend into a butter to add into sweeet or savoury dishes for the ultimately nutritional impact!

The delicately flavoured and versatile cashew is grown in over 30 countries, but we import ours from Vietnam. Cashews are actually seeds that grow on the bottom of a cashew apple, the fruit of a cashew tree. Full of energy, antioxidants, and minerals. Great in sweet or savoury cooking, fruit & nut mixes, or solo as a healthy snack!

Look for a selection of our cashews roasted to perfection, right in our stores. We offer a variety for every application including raw, garlic, lime and pepper, lime and saffron (simply sublime), slightly salted, spicy and the new and very popular roasted Greek style.

Cashews are always sold unshelled because their shells contain a skin irritant.

    Excellent source of copper (97% of your daily value)

    Produces energy and strong antioxidant defenses.