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Dried Oranges



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Our dried oranges are a refreshing citrus burst for your tastebuds! These 100% orange slices have a perfect ripe balance between sweet and tangy, with a mellow and robust rind. Simplicity at its best: no added sugar; no sulphur dioxide; no nonsense! Great as a light and healthy snack in-between meals. And as a unique and aromatic garnish to meals and baked goods or simply with a cup of tea (or mulled wine!) Tangy slices that take guilt-free snacking to a whole new level!

Ayoub’s dried oranges are imported from California for their quality, taste and consistency. This product offers no additives and a wide variety of healthy nutrients. Both the pulp and the skin are edible, while some avoid the skin, as it’s a bit bitter and chewy. However, drop the whole dried orange slice into coffee or tea for an unexpected and fresh new hot beverage drinking experience. 

Ingredients: 100% Oranges (that's it!)