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White with a more delicate flavour, and an extraordinary texture. Ayoub’s  figs are picked right off the tree, sun dried, processed and packaged, then imported to Canada. There are no extra additives or sugars, just plain and simple — Fabulous figs! This is a very popular snack throughout the Middle East just by themselves, but also make a wonderful fast breakfast when soaked in milk overnight. Dried figs are a great source of dietary fibre, with 5g of fibre in only three figs. 

Unlike like ordinary dried figs, these unique fruits are naturally tough in texture. Due to their toughness, they are best enjoyed when soaked in water or milk for added softness. Soaking them will not only make them softer to eat but will also give your milk or water a deliciously sweet taste!


Figs grow on the ficus tree and are a member of the mulberry family. There are over 700 species of fig trees, so good thing you know Ayoub to pick the right ones. 

Ingredients: figs