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Premium almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and cashews roasted with hot spices! A delicious, healthy snack that you can try warm, freshly-roasted in the store! Perfect for lunches, entertaining, gifts, and...
Mix of Premium Shelled Pistachios, Almonds, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Walnuts,Cranberries,Goji, Raisins, Candied Ginger
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This warming mix is full of flavour, antioxidants and an energetic boost that will sustain for winter sports, lunches, entertaining, and gifts! Candied ginger makes this...
Cashews - Spicy
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Creamy cashews roasted with hot and spicy seasonings, by hand using Chef Ayoub's traditional methods. Made in small fresh batches throughout the day at our...
Peanuts - Spicy
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The perfect blend of red chilli and paprika. These peanuts bring a kick with every bite. Fun to snack on and enjoy on their own, or...
Pumpkin Seeds in the shell, roasted with hot spices
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Pumpkin seeds roasted in the shell with hot and spicy seasonings. Perfect for snacking - An excellent source of fibre, heart-healthy fats, iron and other minerals. They taste...
Almonds - spicy
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  • $70.00 CAD
Get them while they're hot! These premium-quality almonds are brought in raw, and roasted freshly daily in-store with hot spices, by masterfully trained chefs. A delicious, healthy snack for lunches,...
Ginger - Candied Diced
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Fire up your recipes with candied ginger! A wonderful addition to spice up nut and seed mixes, smoothie bowls, or baking. Lovely as a garnish...