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Healthy Secrets Revealed

On top of our wide variety of fruits and nuts, Ayoub also features a line of delicious and healthy dried seeds including Chubby Pumpkin Seeds and Watermelon Seeds. Chewy and delicious, these seeds are a high-fibre snack that’s definitely not run of the mill.

“for the love of nuts”

Sure nuts are delicious, but did you know that they could also substantially lower your risk for heart attack? It’s true. Studies show a reported 32% decrease in fatal heart attacks for women who ate 5 ounces or more of nuts per day. A regular diet of nuts can also be a good way to maintain a healthy weight.

“fitness & ‘nut’rition

If you’re an athlete looking for a healthy snack food to give you a competitive edge, roasted and raw nuts are perfect before and after a workout- not to mention before the big race. So, the next time you head up to the Grouse Grind bring a bag of Ayoub with you.

“premium pistachios”

The secret is out! Ayoub’s premium pistachios, imported from Iran, make the perfect pair with Canadian beer! Tasty, crunchy and healthy, too, these pistachios are an excellent source of dietary fibre, protein and also deliver over 30 vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. The pistachio nut is also a star on the list of antioxidants. Try a handful (or more) today!

“the sweet mix”

If you’re a fitness fanatic, then Ayoub’s sweet mix is for you. A great snack before and after your workouts, this secret mix of nuts and dried fruits is a great source of magnesium to help build muscle and aid with recovery. The fruit provides energy to keep you going, all day long- and cross the finish line feeling great.

“roasted nut mix”

Nobody knows roasting like Ayoub. His delicious roasted nut mix recipe has been in the family for centuries. Featuring a wonderful texture, and just a hint of salt and lime flavouring, this mix is the perfect snack at any time of day. It’s a healthy blend of pistachios, almonds, cashews and hazelnuts, all featuring vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants.