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Almond Rose Cookies

Almond Rose Cookies

We seriously cannot get enough of these rosewater and almond meal cookies. Wholesome and aromatic and completely gluten-free these are the perfect accompaniment to your afternoon cup of tea.

rose almond cookies

What You Need To Make These Cookies:

  • Rose water
  • Almond meal
  • Icing sugar 
  • Egg white
  • Rose water 
  • Pistachios & almonds, slivered

What's The Difference Between Almond Flour and Almond Meal?

You may be wondering if you can use almond flour instead of almond meal for this recipe and the answer is yes you can! While almond meal is typically made from raw (unpeeled) almonds, almond flour is made from blanched (peeled) almonds. If you have almond meal for the recipe, your cookies will turn out lighter in color with a warm glow. If you are using almond flour, the cookies will be a shade darker and more rustic looking. But they both turn out equally as delicious!

almond rose flour cookies



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