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flavors of Turkish Delight

12 Flavors That Pair Perfectly With Turkish Delight

When people think of Turkish delight, they usually imagine pink, rose-flavored cubes. Although rose-flavored Turkish delight is delicious, it isn’t to everyone’s taste which can put people off trying some of the other amazing flavors of Turkish delight. For people who prefer rose as a flower and not as a taste, the good news is there are so many other flavors of Turkish delight to try - here are just twelve of them. 

flavors of turkish delight


Turkish delight can be very sweet, which is why zingy citrus flavors, such as lemon, pair perfectly with it. When it comes to traditional Turkish delight flavors, lemon is often one of the less sweet varieties to try making it perfect for people who want to love Turkish delight but find it overly sweet. Lemon Turkish delight is usually colored with yellow food dye to give it a subtle lemon-yellow appearance, but it can also be colorless. 


Lime is another very popular citrus flavor. Although less common than the traditional lemon flavoring, lime does make an appearance from time to time. If you like citrus-flavored candy, then lime is a flavor that you must try. Often, lime-flavored Turkish delight is dyed a pale green color, but it can also be colorless.  


If you don’t like rose-flavored Turkish delight, cherry is a great alternative to try because it still has floral notes but isn’t quite as aromatic. You’ll often find cherry-flavored Turkish delight in a fruity-flavored combination, but you can also make it yourself by following our easy Turkish delight recipe and then using cherry flavoring. 


If you’re a fan of mint candy, then you’re going to love mint-flavored Turkish delight! Just a few drops of mint flavoring can transform a whole batch of Turkish delight into a clean and fresh-tasting after-dinner treat. 


Although fruit flavors are trendy for Turkish delight, herbs and spices also make great flavor alternatives. Cinnamon is a great Fall flavor and works really well when combined with other chai spices such as cardamom and star anise. 

Saffron and Safflower 

For a touch of luxury and a sophisticated flavor, then you have to try Turkish delight flavored with saffron or safflower. At Ayoub’s, we’ve paired the delicate flavor of safflower with the fruitiness of pomegranate to create a Turkish delight that tastes just as good as it looks. 


Although coconut may not be a traditional Turkish delight flavor, it works surprisingly well! If you like Bounty bars, then try dipping your coconut flavored Turkish delight in chocolate - you can thank us later. 

Bergamot & Orange Blossom 

Although bergamot and orange blossom may sound more like a perfume than a food flavoring, it tastes absolutely divine! The citrus notes of both bergamot and orange pair perfectly with one another to create a sweet and invigorating taste unlike anything else in the citrus family. 


If you enjoy floral flavors and like traditional rose-flavored Turkish delight  then you have to give lavender Turkish delight a try. If you’ve never tasted lavender before, then most people describe it as herbaceous and slightly minty. For a show stopping Turkish delight, add a few drops of purple food coloring to your mixture and garnish your finished pieces with some purple lavender flowers. 


Apple is an extremely popular Turkish delight flavor amongst kids and adults alike. At Ayoub’s, we’ve taken simple Apple-flavored Turkish delight to the next level by combining it with a deliciously creamy filling to create our Apple rolls. 


If you’re not a fan of fruity flavors and find floral Turkish delight too perfumed, then take things back to basics and try vanilla-flavored Turkish delight. Sweet and subtle, vanilla flavored Turkish delight is an all-round crowd pleaser and works perfectly as a sweet treat alongside a cup of Turkish coffee. 


Last, but by no means least, we simply had to mention pistachio-flavored Turkish delight. Pistachio nuts can be used on their own as the main flavoring in Turkish delight, or in conjunction with other flavors such as rose. At Ayoub’s, we love pistachio nuts and they feature in three of our delicious Turkish delights. For full-on pistachio flavor, you have to try our double sultan pistachio delight. At the same time, if you prefer a fruity note, then check out our pomegranate pistachio and rose petal delight or our pomegranate pistachio and safflower delight. 

Curious to learn more about this delicious dessert? Check out our blog post on Everything You Need To Know About Turkish Delight.

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