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Four Reasons Why Ayoubs Is The Best Place To Shop For Pecan Nuts


Pecans are one of the most popular nuts in the world, especially in the US. Their sweet, buttery, and almost creamy flavor has earned them a place in some of the tastiest desserts, and they are now coveted as a luxury across the globe. Here at Ayoub’s, we take nuts very seriously; after all, they’re in our name - here are four reasons why our customers keep coming back to buy their pecans from Ayoub’s. 

We Only Sell Quality Nuts 

Sadly, in some grocery stores, profit comes above quality, leaving customers with a bitter taste in their mouths. As pecans’ popularity has grown, farmers began planting faster-growing crops at the expense of producing pecans with maximum flavor. Here at Ayoub’s Dried Fruit and Nuts, we put quality at the heart of everything we do. We choose to source our pecans from smaller orchards in California rather than from some of the more popular pecan growing states. This is because Californian pecans are often slower grown, which is why they are now known to be of superior quality to pecans grown elsewhere in the United States or abroad.

We Hand Roast Our Nuts In Our Stores

When it comes to roasting nuts, we like to consider ourselves specialists. To this day, we still roast our nuts by hand in our stores in the same way that Chef Ayoub roasted the first nuts on our shelves. By roasting our nuts in-house, we remain in control of the entire process, ensuring that our customers receive the best quality roasted nuts every time. To experience the beautiful smell of freshly roasted nuts yourself, head into one of our stores. 

We Have An Amazing Variety Of Nuts

Although you may be popping in for pecans, you may also leave with pistachios, cashews, almonds or hazelnuts, because we have an amazing variety of nuts on our shelves. Raw, roasted, plain, salted, seasoned, or spicy, we know our nuts, and we take great pride in introducing our customers to new flavors and ingredients. 

You Can Buy Online

Wherever you are in Canada, or even if you live in the US, let us deliver our delicious pecans to your door. Our online store is the perfect way to solve your snacking needs without leaving the house. With plenty to choose from, we’re sure there’s something for every member of the family, whether they prefer sweet, savory, chewy, crunchy, healthy, or indulgent snacks. 

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