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ginger water on table with some lemon slices and ginger root next to it

Six Reasons Why You Should Have A Glass Of Ginger Water Every Day

Ginger is well known as a medicinal ingredient, and yet few of us consume it every day! If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to start reaping the benefits of ginger, then you need to try ginger water. 

two glass bottles of ginger water with lemon slices

What Is Ginger Water?

Ginger water is a simple and convenient way to consume the health-giving benefits of ginger root. It can be consumed hot, as more of a ginger tea, or cold as a refreshing pick-me-up. All you need to make ginger water is ginger and… you guessed it, water! So there’s no excuse not to give it a try. 

Why Drink Ginger Water Every Day?

One of the easiest healthy habits to pick up is to drink enough water, so why not combine the benefits of proper hydration with the health benefits of ginger for a whole-body boost. Here are just six reasons why you should drink at least one glass of ginger water every day. 

  • Ginger Water Is Good For Digestion
    Drinking a glass of ginger water every day is a great way to support your digestive system. Not only does ginger help to prevent indigestion, but it also helps food to digest more easily.

  • Ginger Water Helps To Lower Your Blood Sugar
    Studies have shown ginger to be effective at lowering blood sugar levels in those with type-2 diabetes.

  • Ginger Water Supports Weight Loss
    Ginger is the perfect partner for those looking to lose weight. Not only does ginger help to heal some of the damage caused by obesity and excess weight, but it also helps to keep hunger cravings at bay and can even increase the number of calories you burn.

  • Ginger Water Can Help To Reduce Inflammation
    Ginger is a potent anti-inflammatory which means that it can help to reduce the symptoms of inflammatory disease such as rheumatoid arthritis. Even if you don’t have an inflammatory disease, ginger water can help to keep your overall inflammation levels under control.

  • Ginger Water Is Good For Oral Health
    Gingerol, a compound found in ginger, is an effective antimicrobial and has been found to kill some of the most common oral bacterias. Drinking ginger water every day can help you to keep the bacteria in your mouth under control, preventing bad breath and bacterial infections. 

  • Ginger Water Can Help To Relieve Period Cramps
  • Lastly, ginger has been proven to be as effective as ibuprofen at relieving period cramps when consumed during the first three days of a woman’s period. Even if you don’t drink ginger water every day of the month, you may want to add it into your routine at this stage of your menstrual cycle. 

    How Do You Make Ginger Water?

    If you want to make hot ginger water, then check out our post on ginger tea - but if you’re looking to make refreshing cold ginger water or a ginger shot - then read on. 

    How To Make Ginger Water

    To make ginger water, grab your favorite water bottle and a thumb-size piece of fresh ginger. Although ginger tea can be made with both fresh and dried ginger, ginger water works best with fresh ginger.  

    1. Scrape the skin from your ginger with a teaspoon. Ginger skin is bitter and isn’t pleasant to drink. 
    2. Grab a cheese grater and grate your ginger on the finest side. The smaller your ginger is grated, the easier it is for the water to absorb its goodness. 
    3. Fill your water bottle water. You can use room temperature water and add ice later on, or cold water if you prefer. 
    4. Spoon your grated ginger into your bottle and secure the lid before giving it a good shake. 
    5. Leave your ginger water to infuse for around 30 minutes or so, and you’ve got ginger water!

    What If You Don’t Like Bits?

    If you leave your ginger water standing in the fridge for 30 minutes, most of the ginger pieces will fall to the bottom, but you could still end up with some ginger in your mouth. If you don’t like bits, then here are our top tips. 

  • Use a tea strainer.
    You can purchase metal tea strainers and reusable tea bags reasonably cheaply online. Simply add your grated ginger to the strainer or tea bag before you infuse your ginger water, and then remove it before you enjoy your drink. 
  • Use an infuser water bottle.
  • Infuser water bottles have an internal compartment for you to add ingredients to your water. These compartments have small holes in which allow the water to circulate while keeping any larger chunks away from your mouth. 

    What If You Don’t Like The Taste?

    Ginger can be an acquired flavor, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying ginger water. To make your drink more palatable, try adding in additional flavors such as some frozen fruit, a little honey for sweetness, or even some lemon juice. Have a play around with flavors and find what suits you. 

    four mini glass bottles full of ginger shots with a lemon sliced in half and ginger root next to it

    How Do You Make A Ginger Shot?

    A ginger shot is just a much more concentrated version of ginger water; in fact, some are so concentrated they don’t even contain any water at all! Generally speaking, ginger shots aren’t very tasty, which is why they’ve taken as a shot and are not savored like ginger water. To make a ginger shot, all you need to do is blend your ginger with a bit of water and then knock it back! To make them more palatable, some ginger shot recipes include fresh apples for a little sweetness.


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