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whole raw pecans on a wooden table

How Many Calories Are There In Pecan Nuts?

Pecans are a popular healthy snack and ingredient in many desserts and dishes, but do you know how nutritious they really are? ‘How many calories are there in pecan nuts?’ is one of the most searched for questions about pecans on the internet, but to understand the nutritional value of pecans, there’s a lot more to consider than simply calories. Read on to find out.

The Nutritional Value Of Pecans

A one-ounce serving (28g) of pecans contains the following: 

  • 196 calories 
  • 2.5g of protein 
  • 20.5g of fat 
  • 4g of carbs 
  • 2.7g of fiber 
  • 38% of your daily value for copper 
  • 16% of your daily value for thiamine
  • 12% of your daily value for zinc
  • 8% of your daily value for magnesium 
  • 6% of your daily value for phosphorus 
  • And 4% of your daily value for iron.

At first glance, most people tend to focus on calories, fat, and protein when reading the above nutritional information, ignoring other important nutrients such as fiber and essential vitamins and minerals such as copper, thiamine, and zinc. Although the number of calories and amount of fat and protein in a serving of pecans is important, they aren’t the only things that you should focus on - here’s why. 

Don’t Be Fooled By Fat

Most nutritional labels fail to differentiate between saturated and unsaturated fat, which can cause many healthy foods, such as pecans, to appear unhealthy to the untrained eye. Suppose you were to take the above figure at face value. In that case, 20.5g of fat per one-ounce serving might put you off eating pecans altogether, and you’d miss out on all of the benefits associated with mono-unsaturated fatty acids. 

Fiber Keeps You Full 

When it comes to feeling full between your meals, it isn’t just protein that you need to be aware of. Fiber also plays an important role in keeping you full while also helping your digestion, reducing constipation, and even lowering your risk of certain cancers. 

Copper Is Crucial For Many Bodily Functions 

As you can see, a single serving of pecans provides you with just under 40% of your DV for copper, a mineral that is needed to maintain your immune system, assist your nerve function and produce blood cells. 

Thiamine Gives You Energy 

Thiamine, also sometimes displayed as vitamin B1, is needed to convert carbohydrates into energy. Unlike some nutrients, your body cannot make thiamine and so must obtain it from the food you eat. 

Zinc Puts A Zing In Your Step 

Zinc may only be a trace mineral, which means that your body doesn’t need a whole lot of it, but it is still very important and cannot be stored in the body. As well as immune function, cell growth, repair, and fertility, zinc also plays a vital role in your vision. 

The Bottom Line

A portion of pecans may contain 196 calories, but this shouldn’t be your only consideration when selecting the foods you eat. Suppose you’re trying to lose weight and need to eat in a calorie deficit. Why not half your portion size or split one portion across two snack breaks alongside lower-calorie snacks like celery or carrot sticks to make your daily calories go further. 

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