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affordable superfoods cheap superfoods

How to Buy Superfoods Affordably to Save Money

We’re all aware that we should be eating more healthy superfoods in our diet for maximum health benefits, but the harsh truth is that sometimes frozen pizzas, processed meals, and junk food are cheaper to buy. If you’re on a tight budget but are keen to clean up your diet and eat more superfoods, then here’s a list of our top tips to help you buy them more affordably. 

affordable superfoods cheap superfoods
  • Steer Clear Of Powders And Supplements

Superfood powders and supplements are often the most expensive way to buy superfoods. Not only do you pay extra for them to be processed into powder or supplement form, but you also pay a premium for their superfood marketing, and you’ll need to buy real food on top to make yourself a proper meal. Instead, buy whole food ingredients and use them as a basis for your meals. 

  • Stick To Simple Everyday Superfoods

Although açai berries, avocados, and maca powder may be trendy, many less sexy everyday superfoods pack just as much nutrition. Ditch overpriced kale for cheaper broccoli, swap açai berries for blueberries, and get your healthy fats from nuts and seeds rather than avocados. 

  • Buy Your Fruit And Vegetables Frozen   

Although we’re made to believe that fresh fruit and vegetables are best for us, the truth is flash-frozen produce is just as healthy and nutritious. More often than not, bags of frozen broccoli florets are cheaper than whole heads of broccoli, and frozen wild blueberries are much less expensive than fresh, especially when they’re out of season. As well as saving you money, buying frozen fruit and veg is also a great way to reduce food wastage and in many instances will cut down your preparation time too. 

  • Buy in Bulk

If you have plenty of storage space available, then another great way to save money on your superfood shop is to buy ingredients in bulk. Superfoods like nuts and seeds are often much cheaper in larger pack sizes and can be eaten over several weeks or even months if you store them correctly. Check out our online store to see our fantastic selection of nuts and seeds. 

  • Buy In Season

Lastly, superfoods are always cheap when they are in season as they have far lower transportation costs. Try to shop for local and seasonal superfood ingredients rather than buying imported fruit and vegetables when they’re not in season in your country. Buying in season is also a great way to reduce your environmental impact and will help to ensure you get a variety of nutrients from different food sources. 

So there you have it - our five top tips for buying superfoods without blowing your grocery budget. 

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