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roasted walnuts

How To Roast Walnuts


If you’ve never tried roasted nuts before, then you’re in for a treat! When roasted carefully, nuts develop a whole new flavor profile; it’s almost like their flavor intensifies instantly! As well as tasting great, roasted nuts also have a super satisfying crunch to them and can be used to add texture to a variety of snacks and dishes. 

roasted walnuts

Can You Roast Walnuts?

While peanuts, cashews, and almonds may be some of the more popular nuts to toast, virtually any nut can be roasted - including walnuts. And even better, they have some amazing health benefits. There are two different ways that you roast walnuts; on the stovetop or in the oven. Here’s what you need to do. If you’ve only started eating walnuts recently you might want to check out this article.

How To Roast Walnuts On The Stovetop 

If you’re roasting a small number of raw walnuts, then the easiest way to do it is on the stovetop. Simply grab a frying pan and place it over medium-high heat until hot. No need to add any oil; just add your walnuts, shelled of course, in a single layer, and toast for approximately five minutes. Keep tossing and turning them frequently to stop them from burning and take them off the heat once they smell nice and nutty.

Although it can be tempting to bite into one right away, you’re going to want to transfer your walnuts to a plate and allow them to cool before eating them. This will give them time to become crunchy and will save you from burning your mouth. 

How To Roast Walnuts In The Oven

If you have a lot of raw walnuts to roast, then another way to toast them is in the oven. Simply preheat your oven to around 375 F (190 C) and lay your walnuts in a single layer onto a baking sheet. Leave plenty of room around each walnut for the air to circulate and then pop them in the oven.

After 5 minutes or so, your kitchen should start to smell like freshly roasted nuts, and if you take a quick peek you should see that your walnuts have started to change color. Walnuts can very quickly go from toasted to burnt, so be sure to check on them regularly and take them out as soon as you start to see a color change. 

Adding Seasoning To Roasted Walnuts

If you want to add seasoning to your roasted walnuts, such as salt, sugar, or cinnamon, then it’s best to do this while they are still hot and fresh out of the pan or oven. During the toasting process, nuts release some of their oils, making it easier for seasoning to stick to them. Prepare your seasoning mix while your nuts are toasting and add it to a large bowl. Once your walnuts are toasted, tip them in the bowl with the seasoning and give everything a good toss together. When your walnuts are evenly coated, take them out of the bowl and allow them to cool on a plate or tray. 

You can use roasted walnuts in salads, baking, stir fry’s, you name it! Looking for some ideas for what to do with roasted walnuts? Check out these 3 easy and quick recipes.


To learn more about all things roasted nuts, check out our blog on Everything You Need To Know About Roasted Nuts!



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