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5 Suprisingly Low Fat Snacks

5 Suprisingly Low Fat Snacks

We’re officially 10 weeks from summer, and have just begun to open our borders. If you, like us, let go over the pandemic than this - this is for you. No judgment, just understanding. So as you embark on your new health cleanse consider the following five low-fat snacks.

Tree Nuts

Contrary to popular belief, nuts are actually quite filling. While we don’t recommend having them by the handfuls, a few can go a long way. High in protein, fiber, calcium and in some cases Vitamin E, you can have over a dozen raw or dry-roasted nuts before you surpass the 100 calorie threshold. 

Table 1. Number of nuts per 100 calories.











Apple Chips

Neither chip nor fruit, apple chips are simple, easy to prepare and satisfy one’s sweet tooth. Coming once again to approximately 100 calories, they are a great alternative, and while they don’t really replace potato chips, they do mimic texture and mouth-feel.


Frozen Yogurt 

Truly as satisfying as it sounds. Summer cleanse or not, frozen yogurt is one of the few things I’d gladly incorporate into my diet. A near identical dupe for ice-cream, frozen yogurt is equally delicious as it is creamy, and requires little to no preparation - just a great deal of patience. Topped with ground nescafe and diced walnuts, it is to die for. 


Veggie Jerky

For the savoury amongst us: veggie jerky. Bear with me here, it isn’t nearly as odd as it sounds. Unlike its beef-y counterpart, veggie jerky is neither high in calories nor sodium; on the contrary it is often high in protein and low in calories. Not only is it a great on-the go snack it is also fairly mainstream. Made from dehydrated soy, it mirrors the meaty texture and scent of beef jerky, minus the ?.



Taylor Swift’s cure-all, and for good reason too. At ¼ of a cup craisins trail well below the 100 calorie threshold and are often mixed into snack-sized packages of trail mix making them both accessible and ?. Densely packed with phytonutrients, they are also wildly effective at preventing urinary tract infections and contributing to overall kidney health. 

If you'd like to learn more about how to improve your snacking habits, check out this post.

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