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A hazelnut cake on a wooden surface, decorated with chopped hazelnuts next to a bar of dark chocolate. A delicious treat for National Hazelnut Cake Day

Top Hazelnut Cake Recipes for National Hazelnut Cake Day

Did you know that June 1st is celebrated as National Hazelnut Cake Day? This delightful day is dedicated to enjoying and appreciating the rich, nutty flavors of hazelnut cake. Whether you're a seasoned baker or a dessert enthusiast, National Hazelnut Cake Day is the perfect occasion to indulge in this sweet treat.

History and Significance 

Hazelnut cakes have a long and rich history, dating back centuries. Their origins trace back to ancient times, where they were often used in cooking and traditional medicines. In many cultures, hazelnuts are believed to bring good luck and prosperity and during medieval times in Europe, they were a symbol of fertility and were commonly used in wedding cakes. Today, hazelnut cakes are a staple at celebrations and special occasions, continuing their legacy of delight and tradition.

Hazelnut cake, in particular, has a special place in European cuisine, especially in countries like Italy and France, where these nuts are a staple in many classic desserts. National Hazelnut Cake Day, which is celebrated on June 1st every year, celebrates this rich culinary heritage and encourages everyone to enjoy this delectable dessert.

Raw skinned hazelnuts in a bowl & unshelled whole hazelnuts on a white table

Health Benefits of Hazelnuts

Hazelnuts are not only delicious but also packed with health benefits. They are rich in healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals, including vitamin E, magnesium, and antioxidants. Regular consumption of hazelnuts can support heart health, improve brain function, and provide essential nutrients that help maintain overall well-being. Did you know that they are a common nut consumed by people conscious of their weight management? Read why here!

Fun Facts

  • Hazelnuts are also known as filberts.
  • The hazelnut tree is one of the oldest cultivated crops in history, with evidence of cultivation dating back over 5,000 years.
  • In Italy, hazelnuts are a key ingredient in the famous spread, Nutella.

Hazelnuts in Baking: Creative Ideas and Tips

Hazelnuts are a versatile and flavorful ingredient that can elevate a variety of baked goods. Their rich, nutty taste and crunchy texture make them a favorite among bakers. Here are some creative ways to incorporate hazelnuts into your baking:

1. Hazelnut Flour:

Hazelnut flour, made from finely ground hazelnuts, is a great gluten-free alternative to wheat flour. It adds a delightful nutty flavor and moist texture to cakes, cookies, and pastries. Use it in combination with other gluten-free flours or as a partial substitute in your favorite recipes.

2. Hazelnut Butter:

Homemade or store-bought hazelnut butter can be used in place of other nut butters in baking. It’s perfect for adding a rich, creamy texture and a nutty twist to cookies, brownies, and even bread. Try it in classic peanut butter cookie recipes for a delicious variation. 

3. Chopped Hazelnuts:

Add chopped hazelnuts to your batter or dough for an extra crunch. They work wonderfully in chocolate chip cookies, biscotti, muffins, and banana bread. Toasting the hazelnuts before adding them to your recipes enhances their flavor and adds a deeper, roasted taste.

4. Hazelnut Praline:

Hazelnut praline, made by caramelizing sugar and hazelnuts, can be ground into a paste or used as a crunchy topping. Incorporate praline paste into buttercream for cakes or use it to flavor mousses and ganache. Crushed hazelnut praline makes a delightful topping for cupcakes, ice cream, and tarts.

5. Hazelnut Liqueur:

Add a splash of hazelnut liqueur, such as Frangelico, to your baked goods for a subtle, aromatic flavor. It pairs exceptionally well with chocolate and coffee desserts. Use it in cakes, frostings, or even tiramisu for a sophisticated touch.

6. Whole Hazelnuts:

Whole hazelnuts can be a beautiful decorative element in your baking. Arrange them on top of cakes, tarts, or brownies for a visually appealing and delicious garnish. They can also be enrobed in chocolate and used to decorate cupcakes and cookies.

7. Hazelnut Chocolate Spread:

Incorporate hazelnut chocolate spread, like this one, into your recipes for an indulgent treat. Swirl it into brownie batter, use it as a filling for pastries, or spread it between layers of cake. Hazelnut chocolate spread adds both flavor and moisture, making your desserts even more irresistible.

8. Hazelnut Streusel:

Create a nutty streusel topping with chopped hazelnuts, flour, sugar, and butter. This crumbly mixture can be sprinkled over muffins, coffee cakes, and fruit crisps before baking, adding a delightful crunch and nutty flavor to each bite.

9. Hazelnut Meringues:

Fold finely chopped hazelnuts into meringue batter to create light and airy hazelnut meringues. These can be enjoyed on their own, used as a base for pavlovas, or sandwiched with chocolate ganache for a delightful treat.

By experimenting with these ideas, you can incorporate hazelnuts into your baking repertoire and create a variety of delicious and unique desserts. Whether you use them as a main ingredient or a complementary flavor, hazelnuts are sure to enhance your baked goods with their rich, nutty goodness!

Creative National Hazelnut Cake Day Ideas

To truly celebrate National Hazelnut Cake Day, there's no better way than by baking your own hazelnut cake. Here are two delightful and distinct recipes that highlight the rich, nutty flavor of hazelnuts. Whether you prefer a classic approach or a vegan twist, these recipes will help you create a memorable and delicious cake to enjoy with family and friends.

Chocolate Hazelnut Babka Against A Wooden Surface

Chocolate Hazelnut Babka

Babka is a sweet, braided bread from the Jewish communities of Poland and Ukraine. It is made with yeast-leavened dough and can be filled with chocolate, cinnamon, fruit, or cheese, then braided and baked.  It is popular in Israel and is often topped with streusel for extra crunch. Check out our irresistible recipe here.

Vegan & Gluten Free 1-Bowl Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

If you’re looking for an easy yet indulgent way to celebrate National Hazelnut Cake Day, you won't want to miss this incredible recipe from The Minimalist Baker. Their 1-Bowl Chocolate Hazelnut Cake is not only vegan and gluten-free but also incredibly simple to make. Perfect for those who want a rich, chocolatey hazelnut treat without the fuss, this cake combines the deep flavors of cocoa and hazelnuts in a moist, decadent dessert. 

Classic Hazelnut Cake (Torta di nocciole)

For an authentic and delightful way to celebrate National Hazelnut Cake Day, try this exquisite Hazelnut Cake recipe from Juls' Kitchen. This Italian-inspired cake features the rich, nutty flavor of hazelnuts, combined with a moist and tender crumb that makes it perfect for any occasion.

Juls' Kitchen offers a beautifully detailed recipe that highlights the simplicity and elegance of traditional Italian baking. Made with ground hazelnuts, this cake is naturally gluten-free and packed with wholesome ingredients. It’s an ideal choice for those who appreciate rustic, homey desserts that don’t compromise on flavor.

Wrapping Up This Delicious Day

National Hazelnut Cake Day is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the delicious flavors of hazelnut cake and celebrate its rich culinary history. Whether you bake your own cake or enjoy a slice from your favorite bakery, make sure to savor every bite of this delightful treat.

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