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Pistachio Honey Avocado Toast

Pistachio Honey Avocado Toast

Want to level up your everyday avocado toast? Try our pistachio honey avocado toast! It may look fancy but trust us, it’s just as easy. Mashed avocado spread over crusty whole-wheat bread, finished with crushed pistachio pieces, drizzled with honey, and topped with flaky sea salt—could it be any more perfect?  As a bonus, it’s also good for you! Full of healthy fats, packed with fiber, and potassium makes it one of the healthiest, most satisfying and effortless breakfast out there!

Avocado Toast 1

What You Will Need:

The Bread - Oh the bread! First you’ll need to find some really good, crusty, whole grain bread. We believe that thick-sliced whole grain bread pairs best with smashed avocado. Preferably you want a sturdy, crunchy base to balance out the soft, creamy avocado.

Avocado - The secret to any good avocado toast is to choose great avocados. You want to buy ripe but not over-ripe avocados. Sounds easy enough, but there’s nothing worse than cutting open an avocado to find that it is mushy, brown and stringy on the inside. The trick is to pick out the avocados that yield to a gentle squeeze.

Honey - If you are any bit like us, you think that a drizzle of honey makes everything better. And it definitely, makes this avocado toast that much better! With the crunch and saltiness of the pistachios, honey takes this recipe to the sweeter side, giving us that sweet and salty flavour that’s irresistible!

Pistachios - Out of all the nuts, pistachios are our go-to when it comes to levelling-up our avocado toast. The mild, slightly sweet flavour of pistachios makes it the perfect topper to our creamy avocado toast recipe!

Sea Salt - Don’t forget the salt! A pinch of salt goes a long way, especially if its flaky sea salt. 

Avocado Toast 2

How To Make Pistachio Honey Avocado Toast

Toast your favourite bread, smash avocado with a fork. Spread the avocado on the toast and sprinkle with pistachios, sea salt and drizzle with honey. Voila! Honestly it couldn’t be any more simple.


Avocado Toast 3

How to Buy an Avocado

Avocados may be one of the most intimidating fruits to buy. Is the avocado too ripe? Too firm? If I'm going to use it tomorrow, how firm should it be if I buy it today? Should avocados be refrigerated? Most fruit don't require so much effort and thoughtfulness when buying them and since avocados are so difficult to buy, we're here to help! Below I have some tips and tricks to help you out to buy the perfect avocado regardless of what you are using it for!

Tip #1: It's best to buy avocados a little underripe, unless you need to cook with them the same day.

Tip #2: To check out whether an avocado is the perfect ripeness for eating fresh, check the stem. Use your index finger to slightly push down on the stem. If the stem strongly resists, the avocado isn't quite ripe. If it sinks in too easily, it's overripe. It should give just a little resistance.

Tip #3: If you gently cradle the avocado in the palm of your hand and very carefully squeeze it, make sure there are no hollow spots under the peel. If there are hollow spots or if the avocado feels very soft, it is too ripe. 

How to Store an Avocado

The best way to store an avocado depends on how ripe it is. You can store unripe avocados at room temperature for up to a few days. However, when an avocado is ripe, you can slow the aging by storing it in the refrigerator for one or two days. 

Once the avocado is cut, it's a fight against time to prevent oxidation from turning the avocado brown and unusable. Believe it or not, it's a myth that leaving the pit in the avocado will prevent it from browning. The trick is to keep air off the avocado flesh as much as possible, so it's better to remove the pit, brush it with a bit of oil (olive oil works really well) and wrap it tightly in plastic wrap. 


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