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Storing Nuts- Whats The Best Way?

Storing Nuts- Whats The Best Way?


If you’re as nutty about nuts as we are, you probably like to stock up so that you don’t run out unexpectedly. Whether you’re tossing chopped pecans into your salad, adding pistachios to your curry or if you just like to snack on em’ by themselves, you’re going to want to keep them fresh and flavorful, right? While it’s not harmful for you to digest a rancid nut, it isn't too pleasant either. That’s why storing nuts correctly is very important to ensure maximum freshness.

You might wonder, what is it that makes nuts turn bad? Well, when the good fats found in your favourite nuts oxidize due to heat, air or light exposure (or a combination of all three) they become inedible. Luckily, most nuts remain fresh for quite a long time, but to ensure those delicious little powerhouses stay fresh for the longest, your storage conditions matter. After purchasing, we advise our customers to transfer nuts into an airtight container or ziplock bag, and keep them refrigerated to ensure maximum deliciousness. This being said, if you get lucky and bag them right after they’ve been roasted (and can resist eating them right away), a paper bag is advised and you should wait for them to cool down before transferring them into a container. Here’s some of our tips and tricks to getting more life out of your heart healthy snacks. 

Am I storing my nuts correctly?

When I buy my so-called ‘weekly stock’ of almonds, cashews and pistachios, I usually gobble them up within a few days so for this reason I usually don’t have to worry too much about storage conditions. However, there are people who like to buy in bulk so it’s super important to store your nuts correctly to ensure they stay fresh for longest! When storing roasted nuts, it’s really important to keep them in an airtight container. If you want your almonds to stay crunchy and cashews creamy, keep them refrigerated and they should last you up to a month! However, if you're going to keep them in your pantry, you’ll have to consume them within a week or two. (Which if you’re anything like me, that won’t be a huge issue) Oh, and one more thing, keep those nuts away from smelly stuff! They tend to take on the smell of things around them, so don’t keep them beside any spices or strong odours.

As you probably know from experience, raw nuts stay fresh for a lot longer than roasted nuts. Most raw nuts, like almonds, pecans, pistachios, macadamias and walnuts will keep for up to a year when kept in the refrigerator. Cashews, brazil nuts and hazelnuts should stay fresh for around six to eight months. 

Can I put my nuts in the freezer?

Yes, absolutely! Since I'm a total nut freak and I include them in almost everything I eat, I always like to keep a stock pile in my freezer. Let’s be real, I never know when I'm going to fancy some pecan pie. Most raw nuts will stay fresh in the freezer for a whole year, just make sure you seal them tightly to prevent any freezer burn or softening. You can also keep your roasted nuts in the freezer as well! When you want to use some, take out the container and allow the nuts to warm up to room temperature before taking them out. When cold nuts are exposed to air they absorb moisture, and they may become limp. To fix this you can freshen them up in the oven at 150° for 15- 20 minutes. Cool before serving.

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