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Superfood Powder Vs SuperFoods

Superfood Powders Vs. Real Whole Foods - Which Is Better?


In recent years, how we perceive superfoods has begun to change. We’ve moved away from the idea that superfoods are whole foods and instead towards a world of supplements, tubs and powders. Advertisements for superfoods have evolved from bags of nuts and bunches of kale into green powders, daily pills, and nutrition bars. On the one hand, these new super-convenient forms of superfoods enable more people to incorporate healthier choices into their lifestyle, but are they actually as good for you as the real whole foods used to make them? 

The Pros Of Superfood Powders 


One of the most significant selling points of superfood powders and supplements over whole foods is their convenience. For consumers who struggle to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into their diets, a scoop of green powder is an easy way to increase their nutritional intake without needing to peel, chop or prepare anything.

Shelf Life

Unlike fresh fruits and veggies, which can go bad very quickly, a superfood powder can last unrefrigerated for weeks or even months, reducing food wastage and taking up far less kitchen space. 


Not everyone likes the taste of healthy foods. While green powders can still taste quite bitter and earthy, superfood supplements taken in pill form are virtually tasteless, enabling fussy eaters to consume essential nutrients without eating foods they dislike. 

The Cons of Superfood Powders


One of the biggest turn-offs of superfood powders and supplements is their price tag. For many people, they’re simply unaffordable on top of a regular grocery shop, and in these instances, it’s better to buy whole-foods instead. 

They May Not Be As Nutritious  

It’s important to realize that not all superfood powders and supplements are the same, and they can vary significantly in quality and nutritional content. When whole foods are processed to create powders, some nutrients are lost. Look for cold-pressed or water extracted to ensure your powder has maximum nutrient value. 

It’s Easy To Overdose On Certain Vitamins

Because of how convenient superfood powders are, it is possible to consume too much of a specific vitamin, which can cause side effects. While it’s hard to eat too many carrots or too much kale in their whole form, it’s easy to do so when they are dried. Try to stick to the recommended serving size, and be sure to eat various foods for a rounded intake of vitamins and minerals. 

The Bottom Line 

At the end of the day, superfood powders can be a beneficial addition to a person’s diet if they struggle to eat enough fruit and veg, but they shouldn’t be used as a replacement for eating real food. There are several ways to make it easier to incorporate more superfoods in your diet f like buying your veg frozen or your fruit air dried, which will increase their shelf.

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