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Why Ayoub's Pistachios Are So Popular

Why Ayoub's Pistachios Are So Popular

For us here at Ayoub’s, the pistachio is where it all started, hence why the pistachio features in our company logo! Over the years, our pistachios have gained quite the loyal following and have a reputation for being some of Canada’s very best. Here are three of the top reasons why our pistachios have so many fans from across the world. 

We source our pistachios very carefully.

The pistachio industry has boomed in recent years, but we choose to continue sourcing our pistachios from a selection of small producers that have been providing us with the very highest quality nuts since the early 1980s. Although pistachios are now grown in the US, and in many other countries abroad, we firmly believe that the best quality pistachios come from the place where they originated -  The Middle East - and our customers seem to agree with us too. Every pistachio that we buy has undergone a strict quality control process to ensure that it is of premium grade and is fit to wear the Ayoub’s brand.

We don’t pasteurize our raw pistachio nuts.

If a raw nut has been pasteurized, then it is technically no longer raw because it has been subjected to heat. The most common pasteurization method is to expose nuts to a short blast of extremely hot steam,; however, even just a few seconds at such a high temperature removes a nuts ‘raw’ stats. Here at Ayoub’s, we do not pasteurize any of our raw pistachio nuts to ensure that they maintain their original chemical structure and that all of their nutritional benefits are still intact. We offer a wide range of premium raw pistachios, including raw in-shell pistachios, raw shelled, and raw sliced pistachios, which are guaranteed raw and unpasteurized.  

We roast our nuts daily. 

And finally, if you enjoy roasted and seasoned pistachio nuts, then you’ll know that freshness is the key to enjoying the maximum flavor, which is why at Ayoub’s, we roast all of our nuts in our stores and by hand, on a daily basis. Roasting our pistachios by hand is a far more labor-intensive process than using machinery, but it allows us to ensure that each batch of nuts is roasted to absolute perfection, each and every time. By roasting daily in small batches, we can ensure that every customer is tucking into a fresh and tasty pistachio nut whenever they buy one from our stores or our online shop. 

These are just three of the reasons why our pistachios have earned their reputation as some of the very best in Canada - have you tried an Ayoub’s pistachio before? If not, then you’re in for a treat!  

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