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Binge Watch Essentials
$99.00 CAD $126.00 CAD
  • $99.00 CAD
Decisions decisions decisions! It’s hard enough trying to decide on the next series to binge watch, but at least we got the snacking part covered....
10 LB Home Essentials
$94.95 CAD $115.00 CAD
  • $94.95 CAD
Bring health, life, and colour into your pantry with the Ayoub's Home Essentials Package. Each package is carefully selected to provide you with the healthiest...
Epic Snack Pack
$95.00 CAD $112.00 CAD
  • $95.00 CAD
A snack pack of Epic proportions! Make every moment tastefully memorable with this massive snack combo.  We’ve gone all out with this one, providing you...
Dad's Snack Essential Pack
$125.00 CAD $157.00 CAD
  • $125.00 CAD
Super-Dads deserve more than just a new necktie. Here at Ayoub’s, Fathers Day is a year-long tradition where we equip dads with the proper tools...