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Walnuts - Raw - Halves & Pieces (Organic)

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These high-quality organic English walnut pieces are fresh and crunchy and a delicious addition to recipes and mixes. They are exploding with flavor and pair beautifully with anything that contains chocolate, and add protein and satisfying texture to salads of all kinds. Some people have pointed out that certain foods tend to resemble the part of our bodies they benefit most - Walnuts look a lot like brains, right? They're a rich source of omegas fatty acids to help nourish your brain!

Walnuts are a great source of the minerals copper and manganese and they have the highest amount of omega-3 fatty acids of any nut. They are also the second most antioxidant rich nut (behind pecans) and are attributed to weight loss as they leave you feeling full for longer!

Ingredients: Organic walnuts