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8 Healthy Human Foods You Should NEVER feed your dog!


Many owners unwittingly poison their pets by accidentally feeding them toxic foods. Unfortunately, many healthy foods for humans are not foods that are healthy for dogs. Here is a list of eight healthy human foods that you should never feed your dog! 


Avocado should never be fed to your dog. Both the avocado’s flesh and stone contain persin, a compound that causes diarrhea, vomiting, and heart problems in dogs. In addition to containing toxic compounds, avocado stones can also be a choking hazard and may cause intestinal obstruction. 

Dark Chocolate 

A small serving of dark chocolate a day is beneficial for humans, but it is lethal to dogs. Although all forms of chocolate are toxic to dogs, dark chocolate is the worst because of the number of cocoa-solids it contains. Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, both of which can increase your dog’s heart rate to lethal speeds.  If your dog ingests even just one square of dark chocolate, you must immediately take them to the vet. 

Grapes Or Raisins 

Both grapes and raisins cause kidney failure in dogs, and even just a small handful can be lethal. Kidney failure symptoms often begin with vomiting followed by low mood, lack of energy, and fatigue. There are plenty of other healthy fruits to feed your dog, including blueberries, which make an excellent replacement for raisins in doggy muffins. 

Macadamia Nuts 

Not all nuts are toxic to dogs, but macadamia nuts are. Even just a couple of macadamia nuts can be enough to cause poisoning in dogs and could be fatal if not caught early. Avoid macadamia nuts altogether and stick to healthy dog-safe nuts like peanuts. 


Onions are hidden in many human foods. Whether they are fresh, dried, powdered, raw, or cooked, onions can cause anemia and damage red blood cells in dogs. Always check the label of human foods for onions before feeding them to your dog, and be careful of onions in your own cooking. 


Raw rhubarb is exceptionally sour, and most dogs won’t touch it, but if it’s cooked into a pie or baked into a cake, then it becomes a lot more palatable. Sadly, rhubarb contains oxalates, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, bloody urine, and tremors in dogs, so keep your rhubarb crumble out of your dogs reach. 

Apple Seeds

Apples themselves are not toxic to dogs, but apple seeds are. Apple seeds contain arsenic, a very unpleasant poison, so feeding your dog your apple core could be fatal. If you want to feed your dog apple, then slice some of the flesh and leave the core for the compost bin. 


Lastly, although not necessarily healthy for humans, xylitol is found in many foods marketed as ‘healthy’ because it is a sugar substitute. It is often baked into cakes and cookies and is also found in chewing gum and some peanut butter brands. Even just a tiny amount of xylitol can kill your dog, so always check the label of store-bought peanut butter and other sweet treats. 

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