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Ayoub's Roasted Almonds Vs Other Almonds

Ayoub's Roasted Almonds Vs Other Almonds

Our Roasted Almonds Vs Other Almonds 

Here at Ayoub’s Dried Fruit & Nuts, we pride ourselves on offering the very best quality almonds to our customers and believe that we produce a one of a kind product like none other you’ll find in the supermarket or online. Understandably you may be wondering what that really means, and how exactly our almonds differ from those you’ll find in the grocery store, so in this post, we’ve tried to clear things up for you, by explaining exactly what it is that makes our almonds so special. 

A little bit of history 

Ayoub’s Dried Fruits & Nuts was founded by Chef Ayoub in the early 1980s with one simple mission - to refine the art of producing roasted nuts using unique flavors all the while maintaining their natural essence. Conceived by Chef Ayoub, and passed down to his son Amir, over the years Ayoub’s has perfected the nut roasting process, developing their own roasting ovens and refining their hands-on artisanal practices to deliver impeccable quality and consistency. 

What sets Ayoub’s almonds apart?

A quality raw product

When producing a quality roasted almond it is vital to start with a quality raw product, which is why here at Ayoub’s we import the world’s best, clean sorted raw almonds and then roast them ourselves in small batches by hand. 

Roasted by hand

Most roasted almond producers use large scale roasting machinery to allow them to produce vast volumes of almonds in a short time frame, but here at Ayoub’s we choose to take a more personal approach, hand-roasting each small batch of raw almonds. Hand roasting allows our chefs to use all of their senses to gauge the precise moment when their batch of almonds has reached its peak roasted flavor. Hand roasting almonds is definitely a labor of love, but is one that sets us apart from our competitors and ensures that each batch is roasted freshly, to perfection, and to a standard that is above and beyond that of large scale roasteries. 

With no added oil

Look at the back of most roasted almond packets and you’ll see that oil is included on the ingredients list as an added ingredient. This oil is used by many roasters to speed up the roasting process but is unnecessary, unhealthy, and ultimately detracts from the taste of the finished product. Here at Ayoub’s, we like to keep things simple. By hand-roasting our almonds we don’t need any added oil and so can deliver you the purest roasted almonds without any oily nastiness.

Seasoned with unique flavors

From start to finish, everything that we do here at Ayoub’s is designed to ensure maximum flavor in our end product. We choose the most flavorful raw almonds, roast them slowly by hand to perfection, and then season them with our aromatic seasonings that are prepared fresh by our specialized chefs. From traditional ‘spicy’ through to gourmet ‘lime and saffron’ each flavor combination has been carefully crafted to complement the almond without masking it’s delicious, natural, roasted flavor. 


Love, time, dedication and experience all combine to set Ayoub’s almonds apart from the rest, so why not try them for yourselves? 

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We were blessed with a delicious gift from Ayoub’s by a dear friend Ms Price from Ontario.
It arrived in time for my birthday, one for my husband’s birthday as well as a gift box for our anniversary. The quality and taste is indescribable. It is beyond delectable and flavorful. Each nut and piece of fruit is truly to be savored. Thank you for this wonderful blessing to make this years’ celebrations extraordinary and unique.

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