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Can Brazil Nuts Kill You?

Can Brazil Nuts Kill You?


After scouring the internet to find foods high in selenium you finally land on the perfect product: Brazil nuts! A tasty nutrient dense nut, filled with the selenium you need. But can too much of a good thing actually be bad for you? What happens if you find yourself eating way more than you should and is it toxic? Here is what you need to know about the safety of selenium in Brazil nuts and whether or not you should be worried. 

Eating a balanced diet and making sure you meet the daily guidelines of various vitamins and minerals can often be a challenge for busy individuals in today's world. If you are eating healthy and looking to supplement your diet with various foods, you may also be concerned about what might happen to your health if you consume too much.

side effect

Are Brazil Nuts Healthy?

Brazil nuts are widely known for their beneficial nutritional benefits. In addition to protein, fiber, and healthy fats, they also provide the body with much needed antioxidants. More importantly, Brazil nuts are one of the richest dietary sources of selenium available. So in that sense, simply incorporating Brazil nuts into your diet is an easy way to check off your selenium intake for the day. In fact, according to Prevention, a single Brazil nut provides up to double the daily amount of selenium needed by most individuals. A single serving of Brazil nuts (about six to eight Brazil nuts) can provide up to 777% of your daily selenium needs! 

So What is Selenium and Why is it Important?

Selenium is a trace mineral that is essential to maintaining good health and overall well being. It aids your body in many different functions including your metabolism, heart health, immune health, brain function, and reproduction. While selenium is important as part of a healthy diet, high amounts of selenium intake over time can have a negative effect. Side effect symptoms of over-consuming selenium can include nausea, diarrhea, rashes on the skin, irritability, and even discolored teeth!

Can the Selenium in Brazil Nuts Kill You? 

Due to their high amounts of selenium, it is best to avoid eating large amounts of Brazil nuts in one sitting. As with anything we put into our bodies, moderation is your best friend. However, as long as you observe recommended portion guidelines and don’t overindulge regularly, there is nothing to be concerned about. Enjoying a couple of Brazil nuts a few times a week puts you on track for a healthy and safe diet.

How to Enjoy Brazil Nuts Safely

While enjoying a few Brazil nuts won't kill you, it's best not to overindulge repeatedly. As with any food item, be sure to keep in mind portion control and to eat a balanced diet daily. 

Just like all good things, Brazil nuts are best eaten in little amounts. To make the most out of these decadent treats, check out this article on the many different ways you can safely add Brazil nuts to your healthy lifestyle. 

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