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A jar of dried saffron on a white surface, adding vibrant color and flavor to culinary creations.

Don't Buy Saffron Before Reading This First

Welcome health and food enthusiasts! Today we'll be discussing the ins and outs of saffron and why you should be wary before purchasing saffron from any old retailer. Due to the high percentage of fake or poor quality products on the market, there are a few cautionary steps that you should take before committing to a purchase of this legendary spice. Saffron ain’t cheap, so at the very least you want to make sure that the saffron you buy is the real deal, and not only that but that it's of a high standard of quality. Here at Ayoub’s we have a longstanding reputation for having high quality saffron, and whether you buy from us or not, we’ve prepared this comprehensive guide to ensure you make informed choices when purchasing this coveted spice. Before you proceed with your saffron selection, let's delve into the critical factors that define a quality purchase.

The Basics of Saffron

Saffron, derived from the threads of Crocus sativus flowers, stands as the pinnacle of spices. Cultivated meticulously, this spice carries a rich history and possesses the unique ability to elevate culinary experiences.

Varieties and Grading

All saffron is not created equal. Explore the nuances of various saffron varieties and the pivotal role grading plays in determining quality. The highest grade, known as "Sargol," is characterized by deep red threads without the presence of the yellow style. This grade ensures the purest and most potent saffron experience. Buy premium Sargol saffron from us here.

For everything you need to know about saffron including it's origins, varieties, cultivation, culinary tips, the difference between saffron vs safflower and more check out this article

Do Your Homework- Don’t Buy Poor Quality Saffron 

Cooking a dish that promised a saffron sensation but fell short? Poor-quality saffron could be the culprit. The prevalence of fake or poor-quality saffron on the market can be attributed to various factors. Adulteration, where saffron is mixed with other substances to increase bulk and weight, remains a persistent challenge. Unscrupulous suppliers are driven by the desire for higher profits at the expense of quality.

Additionally, the labor-intensive cultivation process of saffron, combined with its high market value, tempts some producers to compromise on quality to meet demand swiftly. As consumers, understanding these dynamics empowers us to be discerning shoppers, prompting us to seek out reputable sources and prioritize certifications to ensure that the saffron we bring into our kitchens is as authentic and high-quality as promised.

How to Choose High-Quality Saffron

When it comes to selecting high-quality saffron, there are several key factors to consider to ensure you're getting the most out of this precious spice. Below we’ll go through some of the characteristics of genuine, high quality saffron.

Recognizing Authentic Saffron Threads


Authentic saffron threads boast a deep, rich red color – a hallmark of quality. The presence of vibrant crimson hues indicates a higher concentration of saffron's essential compounds. Be wary of saffron that appears too bright or too dark, as it may signify artificial coloring or poor harvesting practices.


The distinctive aroma of saffron is one of its defining features. High-quality saffron exudes a sweet, floral fragrance, akin to the scent of fresh hay. When assessing saffron, take a moment to inhale the aroma – it should be potent and unmistakable. If the scent is weak or unpleasant, it may be an indication of inferior quality.

Packaging Matters

The way saffron is packaged plays a crucial role in maintaining its flavor and potency. Opt for saffron that comes in airtight, light-proof containers, such as glass jars or metal tins. Exposure to light and air can degrade saffron over time, diminishing its quality. Additionally, transparent packaging allows you to visually inspect the saffron threads, ensuring they are intact and free from contaminants.

There are a few at-home tests that you can perform after you have bought your saffron, to determine whether it is good quality or not. Check them out here.

Purchasing from Reputable Sources

The source of your saffron is paramount in guaranteeing its authenticity and quality. Choose reputable suppliers who are transparent about the saffron's origin, cultivation methods, and grading standards. Consider purchasing from established spice merchants, renowned brands, or reputable online platforms that have a track record of delivering genuine products. Customer reviews and ratings can provide valuable insights into the reliability of a supplier.

Understanding Certifications and Standards

Navigating the world of saffron certifications may seem daunting, but it's a critical step in ensuring you're making a wise purchase. Look for saffron that adheres to recognized standards such as ISO 3632, which specifies the color, aroma, and flavor characteristics of different saffron grades. Additionally, certifications from regulatory bodies or saffron-producing regions can serve as indicators of quality. Familiarize yourself with these certifications to make informed choices and confidently select saffron that meets industry-recognized standards.

Choosing high-quality saffron is not just about enhancing the flavor of your dishes; it's a commitment to authenticity and the rich cultural heritage of this prized spice. By paying attention to color, aroma, packaging, sourcing, and certifications, you empower yourself to make discerning choices that elevate your culinary experiences and ensure you're savoring the true essence of saffron.

Where to Buy Saffron

Don’t worry, there are many reputable saffron suppliers out there such as local ethnic stores, online wholesalers, you can even buy genuine saffron on Amazon! We recommend that you take your time when choosing your supplier for saffron, and take a look at our article ‘Where To Buy Top Quality Saffron in Canada’ for more tips and advice.

To Wrap Up

In summary, saffron is more than a spice; it's an experience. Armed with knowledge on varieties, quality indicators, and shopping tips, you are equipped to make your saffron journey unforgettable. Strive for the best and let the saffron adventures begin!

Have you recently purchased saffron? Share your experiences, discoveries, and favorite saffron recipes in the comments below. 

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