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A jar filled with dried saffron, a valuable spice known for its vibrant color and distinct flavor.

Where You Can Buy Top Quality Saffron In Canada

As much as it pains us to say, the reality is that there is a lot of fake saffron out there. Because of saffron's popularity and it's price tag, there has been a huge influx of fake or altered products in the market. This makes it crucial for us to be able to distinguish between poor-quality or fake saffron and the real deal. Join us as we explore some trustworthy sources of Saffron in Canada and be sure that you never get cheated when purchasing this legendary spice!

Here's our top four places where you can get the best quality saffron in Canada:

Ayoub's Dried Fruits and Nuts

Shameless plug incoming! We live, breathe and eat saffron over here at Ayoub's. When it comes to premium saffron, Ayoub's has a long time reputation for being a consistently trustworthy source. We have been sourcing our Sargol saffron (Sargol saffron is considered the most premium type of saffron) from the same farm in Iran for over 10 years. Our commitment to quality makes it a reliable source for acquiring the best saffron for your kitchen. 

Your Local Ethnic Stores (Persian, Indian, Greek, Asian, Spanish)

If you’re lucky enough to have an ethnic food store in your neighborhood, this can be a great place to purchase quality saffron from! These stores often offer a diverse range of authentic saffron options, providing a unique culinary experience. This way, you can also talk to the owner to find out more about where the saffron is from and what kind of saffron it is before you buy. They might even let you try some! 

Persia Foods

For an authentic Persian touch, consider Persia Foods. This establishment takes pride in offering genuine Persian saffron known for its rich color, strong fragrance, and unparalleled flavor. Persia Foods is a trusted destination for those seeking the true essence of saffron.

Whole Foods

Recognized globally for quality products, Whole Foods is also a contender in the saffron market. Here, you can find carefully curated saffron selections such as Spanish saffron or Afghan saffron that meet stringent quality standards. Whole Foods ensures that the saffron on their shelves is not only flavorful but also ethically sourced.

Identifying Top Quality Saffron

Understanding how to identify top-quality saffron is crucial. Here are some quick tips to guide you, but for a more in-depth guide check out this article.


Authentic saffron should boast a deep red color. Be cautious of saffron that appears too bright or unnaturally uniform.


Give your saffron a sniff. Genuine saffron carries a strong and distinct aroma. If it lacks this characteristic scent, it may not be of the highest quality.

Strand Appearance

Examine the saffron strands. They should be long and thin. Avoid saffron with broken or crushed threads, as this may indicate mishandling.

How to Store Your Saffron

Maintaining saffron's potency relies on proper storage. Follow these steps:

Airtight Container

Store saffron in an airtight container to protect it from moisture and external odors. This preserves its flavor and aroma.

Cool, Dark Place

Choose a cool, dark place for storage. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, as it can degrade saffron's quality over time.

Caution Against Strong Smells

Keep saffron away from strong-smelling spices. Saffron easily absorbs odors, and this can affect its overall taste and fragrance.

Extending Shelf Life

To extend saffron's shelf life, consider storing it in the freezer. This method helps maintain its freshness for a more extended period.

Buying Saffron from Amazon

If none of these options are available to you, Amazon can be a convenient option. Here's what you need to know about buying saffron from amazon.

Seller Credibility

Ensure the credibility of the seller. Check customer reviews and ratings to gauge the quality of saffron offered.

Variety and Convenience

Amazon provides a wide variety of saffron options, offering convenience and the possibility of discovering unique products.

As The Journey Ends

In summary, finding top-quality saffron in Canada is an exciting journey that will be rewarded by some delicious food on your plate. We hope that one of the locations listed is accessible to you. As you delve deeper into the world of saffron, keep in mind the diverse options available and savor the unique flavors this spice adds to your dishes. Happy cooking! For recipe ideas, check out these six must-try recipes using saffron

Do you know of some places in Canada that sell high quality saffron? Let us know in the comments below so that we can include it in our post!

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