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pregnancy snacks

Four Reasons Why Ayoub's Is A Pregnancy Snack Haven!


Whether you’re in your first, second or third trimester, snacks will form an essential part of your pregnancy diet. Snacks are perfect for curbing pesky hunger cravings and keeping your appetite under control, as well as providing you with all of the essential nutrients that you need to grow a healthy baby. Here at Ayoub’s, we are passionate about healthy snacking, providing our customers with access to delicious, nutritious, and healthy snacks both in our stores and our online shop. So if you’re looking for wholesome snacks to see you through your pregnancy, here are four reasons why you may want to visit Ayoub’s. 

We Have A Huge Selection Of Nutritious Nuts

Nuts really are the king of healthy snacks. A great source of protein, fiber, and healthy fats, nuts are incredibly nutrient-dense and contain a wealth of important vitamins and minerals that women need during pregnancy. If you’re suffering from unpleasant morning sickness, a handful of nuts can help to stop your stomach from gnawing on itself. If you’re always on the go, nuts make the perfect handbag snack and help keep you nourished until mealtimes. Here at Ayoub’s Dried Fruit and Nuts, we stock a vast selection of nutritious nuts, including all of the nation’s favorites, as well as our own deliciously seasoned blends that are hand-roasted in our stores every day. 

We Stock A Wide Variety Of Dried Fruits

Alongside our impressive collection of nuts, don’t forget about our fantastic array of dried fruits. At Ayoub’s, we can help you discover a world of dried fruit as you’ve never seen before. Forget the bland dried fruits you may find in your local health-food store; we stock everything from exotic fruits like kiwi, mango, and goji berries to crowd-pleasing favorites like apple, pear, plum, and banana. If you’ve got a sweeter tooth and are looking for a sweet treat, then our candied fruit selection is hard to beat. Paired with a handful of our nutritious nuts, a portion of dried fruit makes the perfect complete snack filled with the vitamins and minerals you need to nourish your baby. 

You Can Buy Your Snacks In Bulk

As your baby grows, it’s natural for your appetite to grow too! At Ayoub’s, we make it easy for you to buy your favorite snacks in quantities that suit your needs. So whether you want a small amount to try something new or a bulk-order of your favorites to see you through until the end of your pregnancy, we’ve got you covered. Buying your snacks in bulk is a great way to save money on your grocery shopping and can give you peace of mind that there’s always something healthy in the cupboard. 

We Have An Online Store With Much Much More

Last but not least, as well as selling our delicious snacks in our Ayoub’s Dried Fruit and Nuts stores, we also have a thriving online shop that delivers across Canada and the United States of America. Online, you’ll find all of our customer favorites, including our dried fruits, nuts, and seeds, as well as other kitchen essentials like spices, tea, beans, oats, and honey. So whether you’re too busy, too tired, or simply have something better to do, you can sit back and relax knowing that your snack order is being taken care of and will soon arrive on your doorstep. 

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