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healthy snacks in north vancouver

The 5 Best Places To Get Healthy Snacks On Vancouver’s North Shore

The who’s who guide to the North Shore mountains. We’re more than just hike-loving, blundstone-wearing, suburbanites; we’ve also got some of the best snacks. From deep cove to the edge of grouse mountain, we have got a list of must-eats. 

healthy snacks in north vancouver

healthy snacks in north vancouver 

  Krave Kulture Yogurt Shop 

A recent addition to Edgemont Village, Krave Kulture has nonetheless stolen the heart of many locals. Committed to quality, Krave handcrafts their yogurts daily, and do so with only natural products and sweeteners. With an assortment of bowls, smoothies - and of course- frozen yogurt they are easily one of the most frequented speciality stores.

healthy snacks in north vancouver

The Green Moustache Organic Café

100% organic, and plant-based, the folks at Green Moustache have always gone the extra mile. Unrefined, and preservative/additive-free they not only promote health and wellness they do so while actively supporting our local economy. With a wide-range of breakfast, lunch and beverage options - there’s something for everyone.

healthy snacks in north vancouver

healthy snacks in north vancouver


Not too far from the Quay, Buddha-Full is where we send West Coast newbs their first week… At this stage, we’re certain their Bohemian Soul Bowl is more or less synonymous with the city. The play on words, the scent, the feel - it quite literally is North Vancouver.

healthy snacks on the north shore

larrys market logo Larry’s Market

Convenience, quality, and inclusivity - Owner Ryan has made it work. For a boutique they’ve got just about anything you’d ever want or need. Best of all, they deliver. That’s right, they deliver and do so for free. A safe haven for vegetarians, Larry’s is loved and frequented by vegetarians across the lower mainland. 


larrys market vancouver

wild trails coffee

Wild Trails Coffee

One of few zero-waste businesses, Wild Trails Coffee clearly cares about both you and me. To be totally honest, they’re more of a non-profit than a business, they’re wholesome and everything we should aspire to be. Their food’s divine and they put motto into motion and have since their inception by Mama Z.

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