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Protein and Fiber

Simple Healthy Snacks That Are High In Protein And Fiber

Whether it’s a 10 am tummy rumble or the dreaded 3 pm slump, most of us reach for at least one snack throughout the day to see us through to our next meal. Nowadays, most snacks are filled with refined carbs and sugar, which will only leave you feeling hungry and in a slump again shortly after. The key to snacking is to pick snacks high in fiber and protein, as these two nutrients will leave you feeling the fullest or the longest period of time. Here are some simple high protein and high fiber snacks that also just so happen to be convenient and portable. Let’s go. 

Jerky And Dried Fruit 

Perhaps the ultimate dried combo, jerky, and dried fruit provide both protein and fiber in a satisfying chewy form. Jerky is a lean dried meat snack, often beef, that offers a massive 9 grams of protein per one-ounce serving. On the other hand, dried fruit is a great fiber source, especially if you opt for fruits such as apricots, dates, figs, or prunes. If you’re not a fan of meat-based jerky, then keep your eyes peeled for plant-based jerky, which also packs a solid protein punch. 

No-Fuss Nuts

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, nuts may well be the best healthy snack there is. Although there are plenty of different nuts to choose from, almonds are one of the most popular varieties because they are easily available and are one of the cheaper nuts to buy. A one-ounce serving of almonds provides 6 grams of protein and 3.5g of fiber, as well as high amounts of vitamin E, healthy fats, and trace minerals. 

Roasted Chickpeas

If you usually find yourself reaching for a bag of potato chips, then try some roasted chickpeas to satisfy your crunchy craving. Roasted chickpeas are easy to make from scratch; simple pop softened chickpeas in the oven with your desired seasoning and a drizzle of olive oil and bake at 400F for 20-30 minutes, tossing them around halfway through. Delicious when eaten hot but just as good when saved for later, a half-cup (82g) serving of roasted chickpeas contains 7.5g of protein and 6g of fiber.

Homemade Protein Bars Or Balls

Believe it or not, a lot of shop-bought protein bars and protein balls are not that good for you, and you’re much better off making them yourself at home. Making your own protein bars or protein ball is a lot easier than you might think, and you maintain complete control over the ingredients. By merely blending up nuts, nut butter, and dried fruit such as dates and then adding in your own flavorings such as cacao powder or vanilla extract, you can create some truly delicious treats that are 100% healthier than shop-bought alternatives and often cheaper too. Here’s a great list of some protein bar and protein ball recipes to try. 


Last but not least, seeds such as pumpkin and sunflower seeds make another fantastic and convenient snack. Like nuts, seeds have done all the hard work for you - they’re packed with protein and full of fiber to keep you full and will also provide you with a range of other essential vitamins and minerals. If eating seeds on their own isn’t your cup of tea, then try blending them to make a delicious seed butter and then dipping in some fresh apple slices for a crunchy and creamy mid-morning snack. 

So there you have it - these are just a few of the best high protein and high fiber snacks that are both healthy and nutritious. Remember, if in doubt, keep things simple and choose whole foods where possible.

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