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fathers day gift guide

The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide - 2021

Father’s Day is a chance to say thank you to your father or any of the other father figures in your life. Although gift-giving isn’t mandatory, many people still choose to express their gratitude by purchasing or making their loved-one a gift. If you’re struggling with what to buy, then take a look at some of the suggestions outlined below and see if they give you some inspiration. 

Self Care Items

Everyone deserves a bit of self-care once in a while, and your dad is no exception. Self-care items such as a grooming kit, a new bathrobe, a scent, or a new set of skincare products may be items that they wouldn’t think to buy themselves but will still be much appreciated. 

Handy Gadgets

Whether your father has embraced the 21st century or is still a little hesitant about technology, there’s always a gadget that could make his life easier. Some items to consider in this category include a set of wireless headphones, a portable charger, a penlight, a smart speaker, a Kindle, or smart sockets. 

Car Accessories 

Not all dads love cars, but those that do will always appreciate something for their vehicle. Seat covers, floor mats, and cleaning materials never go a miss for the off-road adventurer, while upmarket gadgets like a car diffuser, car coffee maker, or even a small car hoover make a thoughtful gift that few dads will already have. 

Food And Drink

If your dad’s a big foodie, then an artisanal hamper filled with high-quality snacks, sweets, and drinks will always go down a treat. Why not customize one to his tastes, making sure to add in a few new things to try too. 


For the dad who has everything or who doesn’t want a physical gift, then an experience day is the perfect present. Why not book him onto a wine-tasting course, or give him a voucher related to his favorite sport? To make the day extra special, you may want to book yourself one too so that you can spend the day making memories together. 

Something Sentimental 

You don’t always need to spend a ton of money to give your dad a fantastic Father’s Day gift. Sentimental DIY presents such as a handwritten letter, a poem, or a photo album containing pictures of you both are often some of the best gifts you can give, and they also happen to cost very little. 

Cook For Him 

Last but not least, another great way to say thank you to your dad is to cook him a meal or bake him a Father’s Day cake. Cooking a meal or baking for someone is a very personal gift and shows a lot of thought and care. If you aren’t great in the kitchen, then you could take your dad out for a meal, giving him the gift of a great evening and some quality time with yourself.

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