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Celebrating father's day covid-19

How To Celebrate Father's Day Safely During COVID-19

How To Celebrate Father's Day Safely During COVID-19

Father’s Day is a day for celebration. It is a time to get together with those you love most and give thanks to the father figures in your life. Ordinarily, visiting your dad, step-dad, father-in-law, or fatherly friend wouldn’t need any further thought, but due to COVID-19, many families worldwide are needing to re-think their Father’s Day plans. If you’re still in a national lockdown, have family members who are self-isolating, or cannot travel to visit family this year, then here are a few ways that you can celebrate Fathers Day. 

Celebrating father's day covid-19

Go Virtual 

Although nothing beats visiting in person, meeting virtually on video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Skype, or HouseParty are good alternatives. Sometimes a simple chat is all you need, but if you’re looking to inject a little more fun into your video conferencing session, then why not set up a Father’s Day family quiz with questions designed to evoke some of your and your family’s favorite memories about your dad. 

Make Your Card Rather Than Buying It

If you tend to send a greetings card for Father’s Day, then consider making it yourself this year rather than buying one from a store. During these extraordinary times, it’s often the little things that make the most significant difference, like making a card or gift yourself rather than buying one off the shelf. Home-made keepsakes have an additional layer of meaning and evoke the spirit of what Father’s Day is really about. 

Drop Off A Cake 

If restrictions in your area allow it, then another thoughtful way to show your appreciation to someone you love this Father’s Day is to drop them off a Father’s Day cake. Doorstop drop-offs are much safer than meeting indoors and will let you say a socially distanced ‘hello’ to a loved one without entering their personal space. If you’re looking for some Father’s Day cake ideas, then check out our post here. 

Plan An Outside Walk

Once again, if your local restrictions allow it, then you may be able to meet up with one or more of your family members for an outside walk. Choose a unique or picturesque location that is local to you, and remember to dress for the weather! To remain extra safe, you may want to consider wearing masks or walking a short distance apart from one another. 

Send A Gift That Will Give Him Something To Do

Finally, if you want to send your father a gift, then why not send him something that will help him break the boredom of staying at home. If your dad is fond of the kitchen, then why not send him some delicious ingredients and a recipe to create a cake or father’s day dinner? If he’s into art and crafts, then you could sign him up for a craft subscription box, allowing him to have a go at something new and to keep his hands busy! 

These are just a few of the things you could do in place of celebrating Father’s Day together this year. Whatever you choose to do, we’re sure your father will appreciate it.

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