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How Goji Berries Help With Weight Loss

How Goji Berries Help With Weight Loss

When it comes to losing weight in a healthy way, there are definitely some foods that give you more of a helping hand than others. Goji berries have long been associated with weight loss, in part due to their status as a superfood, but also because of their unique nutritional composition that helps to promote the burning of fat, and the production of lean muscle. Here are just five of the ways in which eating goji berries can help you lose weight. 

They have a low glycemic index.

How quickly your body converts food into glucose is measured on a scale known as the glycemic index (GI). The lower the GI of a certain food, the slower it is converted into sugar, and the less likely it is to cause a blood sugar spike, which can lead to cravings. Goji berries have a GI of just 29, which makes them a low GI food, ranking below most other fruits, including apples, oranges, melon, and raisins. As a low GI food, they don’t spike your blood sugar and, therefore will not cause you to crave high-carb and sugary foods later in the day. 

They help to keep you full for longer.

Goji berries are 21% fiber by weight, which means that they are filling and will make you feel fuller for longer. This, combined with their relatively high protein content, makes them a great snack food to keep you fueled until your next meal. 

They help to stop fat storage.

Whenever you eat, your body must decide whether to use the energy from your food right away or whether to store it as fat for a later date. Goji berries contain several nutrients, including thiamin and calcium, that encourage your body to convert food into energy rather than storing it as fat for later. 

They promote lean muscle.

In addition to encouraging the body to burn its energy from food, goji berries also contain two important amino acids and potassium, which helps the body produce more growth hormone needed for the production of lean muscle mass. The more lean muscle that a person gains, the more energy they need to use to sustain it, and the more calories they burn on a daily basis, even at rest. 

They improve your ability to exercise.

Lastly, goji berries have also been found to improve physical performance by enhancing the utilization of oxygen, delaying fatigue, increasing endurance, strengthening the cardiovascular system, and improving circulation. Together, these benefits help you work out harder and longer, burning more calories in the process and building more muscle tissue. 

So there you have it - five ways that incorporating goji berries into your diet could help you to lose weight. Of course, losing weight involves a lot more than just eating goji berries, but it definitely helps to know that the food you eat is on your side and working with you rather than against you. 

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