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where to buy delicious pumpkin seeds

Where To Buy Quality Pumpkin Seeds

If you type ‘quality pumpkin seeds’ into the Google search bar, you’ll be met with a jumbled array of results from recipe blogs, to gardening sites, with very little information on where you can actually find good quality and delicious pumpkin seeds to eat. The truth is, when most of us want pumpkin seeds, we head to the grocery store and grab whatever bag we can find, but the chances are the selection will be limited, and you may not be getting the best-flavored pumpkin seeds. Here are three places that we recommend trying. 


Amongst the Google results, you’ll undoubtedly find at least one link through to the Amazon website. Amazon is now a global giant, selling virtually anything, including pumpkin seeds. Whether you are looking to grow a pumpkin or for a bulk bag of edible pumpkin seeds, they have a lot of retailers to choose from. It can be daunting to buy food-stuffs online, especially when you aren’t familiar with the brand name, and you can’t handle or see the actual product, so it is even more crucial to pay close attention to verified reviews from customers who have already purchased the product. Remember to check the size of the package you are ordering to avoid paying more for less, and where you can, do a little background research on the supplier to help verify their quality. 

Whole Foods Market

If you prefer to do your grocery shopping in person, then out of all of the grocery stores, Whole Foods Market often provides the best quality and also the best selection of health-food products such as pumpkin seeds. As a premium grocery outlet, you can expect to pay a little more for their pumpkin seeds over those you can find in other more budget stores such as Walmart, but this is usually because they are of better quality. If you prefer to shop organic, then once again, Whole Foods will tend to have at least one organic option on their shelves, and if you’re trying to reduce your plastic use, then you may even find one of their more sustainable self-serve bars where you can fill your own container. 

Ayoub’s Dried Fruit And Nuts

We couldn’t suggest places to find the best quality edible pumpkin seeds without mentioning our own delicious offering. Here at Ayoub’s, we sell a wide selection of pumpkin seeds, including raw whole, raw skinned, plain roasted, and an assortment of tantalizing roasted flavors. We pride ourselves on being masters of the art of roasting and have been hand roasting our nuts and seeds on-site in our stores since the early 1980s! We truly believe that there’s an art to roasting nuts and seeds so that they retain their natural essence while showcasing unique flavor combinations such as saffron and lime, lime and pepper, and chili spice. We firmly believe that although you may be able to grab a bag of shelled pumpkin seeds from most grocery stores, you’ll never find any which have been delicately hand-roasted to the same standard as ours. 

So there you have it! Whether you’re looking for quality shelled, raw, or deliciously roasted pumpkin seeds, you have a few places to look. 

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