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why is cardamom expensive

Where To Buy Affordable, Quality Green Cardamom

As the Queen of Spices, it is perhaps unsurprising that cardamom is one of the most expensive spices globally, currently ranking at number three only below vanilla at number two, and saffron, which comes in at number one. Averaging anywhere from $50 to $120, and in some cases even more per pound, cardamom pods are a valuable commodity and a spice that can quickly eat away at your grocery budget. So, where can you buy good quality green cardamom without spending a fortune? Here are three places we recommend you look at. 

  • Walmart 

When it comes to affordable groceries, Walmart has a reputation as one of the cheapest grocery stores around. As a supermarket giant, they benefit from the economies of scale and can afford to buy their stock in bulk, which allows them to pass on some of these cost savings to their customers. When it comes to variety, Walmart generally stocks a range of herbs and spices in a selection of pack sizes which makes it easy for every customer to find something that suits their needs. As far as quality goes, with Walmart, you generally get what you pay for; however, as an international chain, they do have standards to uphold, and so even their cheapest stock still must still at least meet, if not exceed, local standards.

  • Amazon 

In recent months, Amazon has really started to make a name for itself as the online place to go for a wide variety and eclectic selection of groceries, including spices such as cardamom. As the largest retailer in the world, even exceeding Walmart itself, Amazon also has economies of scale on its side and can provide customers with access to vendors from all over the world. When it comes to buying cardamom from places such as Amazon, it can be a little overwhelming, with thousands of products to choose from at every conceivable price point, at times finding quality and affordable cardamom can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The key to making Amazon work for you, and not getting ripped off for a sub-par product, is to pay very close attention to the product reviews to help you determine the quality of the cardamom being sold and whether customers are happy with it. 

  • Ayoub’s 

Last but not least, here at Ayoub’s, although we may mention dried fruits and nuts in our name, we also specialize in sourcing some of the world’s most fragrant and flavorful spices. As a family-run business, we may not have the same economy of scale as Amazon or Walmart, but what we do have is a relationship with our spice growers that allows us to source our customers delicious, fresh, and flavorsome spices at reasonable prices. Our green cardamom pods can be found both in our stores and online, and so can be delivered fresh to your door if you don’t happen to be local to our stores. 

Whether you need cardamom to create your own warming chai, or simply need to replenish your spice cupboard for a rainy day, you don’t need to be paying above and beyond for good quality spices - look no further than here at Ayoub’s, Amazon, or your local Walmart.

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