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Why Dried Fruit And Nuts Are Great Pregnancy Snacks

Why Dried Fruit And Nuts Are Great Pregnancy Snacks

Pregnancy is hard work! There’s no doubt about that. As a women’s body starts changing to accommodate their growing baby, they start to experience a number of side effects, including nausea, cravings, appetite changes, and food aversions. With a long list of foods to give up and just as long a list of nutrients they need to eat, it can be difficult to find the right balance. 

Thankfully, snacking is an easy way to reduce morning sickness and nausea symptoms, increase your calorie and nutrient intake and keep unwanted cravings at bay. Of all the snacks you can eat during pregnancy, there’s one snack that comes up in educational articles time and time again - dried fruit and nuts. Here’s why dried fruit and nuts make the ultimate pregnancy snack combo. 

What Makes Dried Fruit And Nuts The Ultimate Pregnancy Snack Combo?

  • Dried Fruit And Nuts Are Convenient 

Lavishly layered sandwiches, breakfast muffins, and sumptuous smoothies may be delicious, but they all take at least some preparation. For the pregnant mother who doesn’t have time to grab their blender or bake muffins, a portion of dried fruit and a handful of nuts is a super quick, easy, nutritious, and filling snack that can be eaten just about anywhere. No need to wash up, no cutlery needed, and no time wasted in the kitchen; just grab and munch away. 

  • Dried Fruit And Nuts Provide The Perfect Balance Of Carbs, Fats, Fiber, And Protein

When it comes to the best healthy snacks, it’s important to try and eat a balance of carbohydrates, fat, fiber, and protein. For those that don’t want to be tracking their macros, a portion of dried fruit and a portion of nuts is the easiest way to achieve this balance. The natural sugars in dried fruits are a great source of tasty carbohydrates that provide important energy, while nuts provide healthy fats, and protein and both snacks contain essential dietary fiber. 

  • Dried Fruit And Nuts Can Help You Eat Enough Iron

Iron is integral to a healthy pregnancy. Rather than taking iron supplements that can make you even more nauseous instead, increase your intake of iron-rich foods. Dried fruits such as figs and dates are brilliant iron sources, as are nuts such as peanuts and macadamia.

  • Dried Fruit And Nuts Are A Great Source Of Magnesium


The need for magnesium increases during pregnancy and many pregnant women do not meet their minimum requirements. Without sufficient magnesium, both mother and baby are exposed to health risks, and so it is crucial they become mindful of magnesium-rich foods. The good news is that nuts, seeds, and dried fruits are some of the best dietary sources of magnesium, as is dark chocolate, which also makes a tasty addition. 

Versatile, quick, easy, and delicious, dried fruit and nuts really are the perfect snack combo whether you’re pregnant or not. If you’ve tried fruit and nut mixes before and have found them uninspiring, then make your own with the ingredients you do like. Swap out boring raisins for sweet dried mango or even exotic kiwi. Skip almonds and add in crunchy macadamia or cashews, and for a real sweet treat, you could even add in chocolate-coated ginger or natural chocolate blueberries! 

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