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Where To Buy Healthy Pet Treats?

Where To Buy Healthy Pet Treats?


Whatever pet you own, if you’re reading this post, then you’re here because you love them. Whether you own a rat, a cat, a dog, or a horse, as their owner, you are in control over the foods they eat. Owning a pet is a great pleasure, but it is also a great responsibility, and it is your job to ensure they are fed the best diet possible, so they receive all of the nutrients they need to thrive. 

Treats are a small but important part of your pet’s diet. They’re a great training tool, can help you bond with your pet, and are also a delicious way to increase their nutritional intake. Here’s where to buy them. 

Your Local Pet Store 

Pet stores like PetStop and PetSmart are a convenient place to pick up a variety of pet treats, including healthy ones. Because of the size of these stores, their products are often competitively priced, and you’ll usually have a selection of big-brand names to choose from. Unfortunately, not all of the treats on pet store shelves are actually good for your pet. A lot of store-bought dog biscuits have little or no beneficial nutritional value; cat treats can be very high in fat, as can the yogurt and chocolate drop designed for small pets like rats, rabbits, or guinea pigs. If you’re looking for healthy treats for your pet, then you may need to hunt for them. Always read the label of pet treats and don’t let price rule your decision. 

The Grocery Store 

Some of the healthiest snacks that your pet can eat are human-grade foods like fruit and vegetables, which means you can pick them up from your local grocery store. Carrots, apples, bananas, blueberries, and zucchini are just a few foods that dogs love to eat, and some cats have been known to try fruit treats too. If you’re buying carrots or apples for your horse, then it may be cheaper to see if your local equine store has bulk bags of wonky fruit or veg for sale. When it comes to nuts, seeds, or dried fruit treats, then visit us here at Ayoub’s. At Ayoub’s, we’ve got all the nuts and seeds you could need to create all manner of deliciously healthy and nutritious pet snacks, including doggy peanut butter, flaxseed biscuits, and healthy horse muffins. 

Make Your Pet Snacks Yourself

Finally, the healthiest snacks that you can give your pet are often those you make yourself. By making your own pet treats and snacks, you can sleep soundly knowing every ingredient that went into them. Surprisingly, making your own pet treats and snacks isn’t actually that difficult, and there are hundreds of online recipes if you’re looking for inspiration. Making your pet treats at home can also be pretty fun and cost-saving when you buy your ingredients in bulk. 

So there you have it - three places that you can buy healthy pet snacks and treats from.

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