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Why Ayoub's Is Heaven When On A Keto Diet


The keto diet can feel very restrictive if you only focus on the foods that you can’t eat. Instead, think about all of the new ingredients that you can try and the high-fat foods that once you may have avoided but now can eat until your heart’s content. The keto diet is really only as restrictive as you make it. With some gentle alterations to recipes and ingredient substitutions, you can still enjoy favorites such as bread, flour, and desserts without causing yourself to leave ketosis. 

How Can Ayoub’s Help You To Transition Onto A Keto Diet?

Here at Ayoub’s, we are renowned for selecting the highest quality nuts and seeds that make the perfect addition to the keto diet. Whether you’re looking for almonds to make your own almond flour, hazelnuts to blend into a delicious hazelnut butter, or sunflower seeds to snack on throughout the day - we’ve got you covered. Here are three reasons why our Ayoub’s stores are a keto haven!

We Have Variety 

Unlike most grocery store chains that may only stock one or two varieties of nuts and seeds; we stock a massive selection, including raw nuts, roasted nuts, seasoned nuts, nut pieces, slivers, and slices. We have raw seeds, roasted seeds, lightly salted seeds, and organic seeds, giving you a choice that you won’t find anywhere else, and the ability to add diversity to your keto diet. 

We Pride Ourselves On Quality 

Here at Ayoub’s, quality sits at the heart of everything that we do and we take it very seriously when selecting all of the foods that we stock in our stores and online. We source our nuts and seeds carefully from a small group of selected growers, and all of our roasted, salted, and seasoned products are hand-made in our stores so that we can keep a close eye on their consistency and quality throughout. By choosing to buy your nuts and seeds from us at Ayoub’s, you can be sure that you are only putting the very best quality ingredients into your recipe and your body. 

We Allow You To Bulk Buy

Nuts and seeds are a staple ingredient on the keto diet, and you’ll soon find that you’re getting through quite a lot of them! Most grocery stores only offer nuts and seeds in small packages, which can work out to be very expensive per pound. At Ayoub’s, we provide our customers with the option to buy their favorite ingredients in bulk quantities, be it 1lb, 3lb, 5lb, or even more if bought in-store, saving them a lot of money and protecting the environment from a lot of unnecessary packaging.  

Discover Ayoub’s For Yourself

Interested to know more? Head over to our website to get a feel for the foods we sell and have a read of Our Story to learn more about our history. If you’re lucky enough to live near one of our stores, then please pop in! We’d love to see you and to walk you through our selection of fresh, raw, roasted, and seasoned nuts and seeds.

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