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Quick And Easy Pregnancy Snacks To Eat On The Go

Quick And Easy Pregnancy Snacks To Eat On The Go


Life doesn’t stop just because you’re pregnant, so it is crucial to have plenty of convenient on-the-go snacks to provide you with sustained energy and to fuel both you and your baby throughout the day. Whether you are working throughout your pregnancy, caring for the rest of your family, or simply dealing with everyday life, here are some quick and easy pregnancy snacks to keep you going. 

A Handful Of Nuts

Nuts have always been the king of healthy snacking, providing a great source of protein, fiber, and healthy fats in an easy to eat and portable package. Almonds, pistachios, and cashews are all great nuts to snack on, as well as brazils, walnuts, hazelnuts, and even peanuts. Generally speaking, 40g of nuts is considered to be a good serving size, which equals roughly 20 almonds, 15 cashews, or 60 pistachios in their shells - not that we’re counting! When choosing your nuts, it’s often more affordable to buy them in bulk, and you may want to avoid those seasoned with extra salt. 

Protein Smoothies

If you find it hard to eat enough throughout the day, then an easy way to consume extra nutrients is to drink them! There are hundreds of delicious protein smoothie recipes out there, including those that use protein powders and those that use nut butter as their main protein ingredient. Whether you fancy sweet or savory, chocolate, strawberry, or banana, there’s a protein smoothie recipe out there to tantalize your tastebuds. Simply blend all your ingredients together, and then take the cup with you on the go. (Tip - use a portable blender and travel lid to save on washing up).

Dried Fruit

Fresh fruit is a great snack, but sometimes it can get messy, especially if you forget about it at the bottom of your bag or you’re trying to eat it on the go. To prevent sticky fingers and sticky bags, try eating dried fruit instead. Snacking on dried fruit is a great way to increase your energy levels and to help you on your way to five a day, not to mention it’s tasty! Because dried fruit is simply whole-fruit with the water removed, it’s important to be mindful of your portion sizes. You wouldn’t eat 20 plums in one sitting, so don’t eat 20 prunes! 

Granola Bars

Last but not least, if you often find yourself reaching for cakes or biscuits when you’re hungry, then pack a healthier, homemade granola bar instead. The reason why we recommend making you granola bars yourself is to give you control over what’s in them. Many store-bought granola or protein bars contain sweeteners that you may want to avoid during pregnancy. Although making granola bars may not sound quick or easy, you only need to make one batch to last you the week. Here’s a simple no-bake granola bar recipe that is naturally sweetened and can be personalized to your taste with dried fruit, nuts, or seeds.  

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