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Raw Cashews
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Raw cashews are excellent for vegan creamy sauces, protein bar recipes, and other raw healthy recipes. Soak them overnight and blend into a butter to...
raw pumpkin seeds, no shell
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  • $12.00 CAD
Pumpkin seeds have high fibre / fat ratio, making them extra satisfying! Great for managing weight, and very high in iron - Perfect for vegans, vegetarians, pregnancy, lethargy, and...
$9.50 CAD
  • $9.50 CAD
  • $40.00 CAD
These pumpkin seeds are a bit smaller that what you get when you carve a Jack-o-Lantern at Halloween, but they taste just like when you toasted...
Pumpkin seeds roasted in the shell with light salt
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  • $9.00 CAD
  • $40.00 CAD
Happy memories toasting pumpkin seeds at Halloween can be a pleasure year-round - Ayoub's are roasted and seasoned expertly fresh in our stores! An excellent choice for iron,...
Pumpkin Seeds - Chubby - Raw
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Pumpkin seeds are such an excellent addition to your diet, especially a plant-based vegan & vegetarian diets, or for people who like to snack casually while...
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100% Natural & Pure Superfood Sweetener Real Fruit Extract USDA Organic; Kosher; Gluten Free; Vegan No Added Sugar, No Nasties, No Sulfur, No Chemicals or...
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This light and airy flour is made using ground garbanzo beans, and provide a creamy rich taste however way its used. Our chickpea flour is a...